HUCKABEE's Wille Horton moment!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by The Other Side, Nov 30, 2009.

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    Seems FAUX news guitar playing political host: Mike Huckabee is in a bit of a pickle.

    The shooter involved in the deaths of 4 policemen in Washington state was a criminal in Arkansas back in the day when Huck was the Governor.

    Maurice Clemmons (the shooter) was convicted and sentenced to 95 years in prison for a serious crime in Arkansas and HUCKABEE "commuted" his sentence, setting him free.

    Now, this man (clemmons) has killed 4 policemen and is on the loose.

    Politically, this should end any hopes of Huckabee running for president in 2012 and that will leave him out of the political loop.

    Huckabee, against the advice of his prosecutors in the state, commuted Clemmons sentence and additionally, Huckabee granted 1,033 clemencies during 10 years in office, more than double the number granted by three governors during the previous 17 years.

    For Huckabee, this will be his Willie Horton moment.
  2. Lue C Fur

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    Hardly a willie horten the whole story:,2933,577845,00.html

    Its not like he was let out yesterday by Huckabee. Clemons was given many second chances but failed and he was let out of jail many times which his last was bail he posted for 150k. Thanks for watching Fox news.:wink2:
  3. over9five

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    TOS is right. Huckabee's all done.
  4. MrFedEx

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    Yep. Even though the pardon was a while back, Clemmons should have never been let out in the first place. Huckabee's political opponents will have a field day with this, just like Dukakis and Mr. Horton. He is toast, and he has the blood of 4 dead cops on his hands. The states of Arkansas and Washington also have some explaining to do, especially the Washington judge who recently allowed Clemmons to post $150,000 bail instead of sending him straight to jail until trial.

    Under Washington law, Clemmons was a "persistent offender" and would likely have been sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole under the 3 Strikes provision.

    I hope they put 50 bullets into him to save the taxpayers the expense of a trial. He is still at large.
  5. rod

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    For what its worth Huckabee let this guy out of prison 9 years ago at the recommendation of the parole board. I think they deserve more of the blame than him.
  6. moreluck

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    Besides, the guy had 8 more felonies when he went to Wash. One was a rape of a 12 yr old. Why didn't those judges put him away??
  7. soberups

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    One of the cops he murdered might have put one into him before dying. They are on the lookout at local medical facilities for anyone meeting the suspects description who shows up with a bullet wound. I hope he dies slowly.
  8. toonertoo

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    He has been shot dead.
  9. moreluck

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    The relatives who aided and abetted him are presently in jail....hope they keep them there. Accountability!!
  10. tieguy

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    I'm sure the four police officers that died are ecstatic that their death gave you the opportunity to gloat on the brown cafe.:dissapointed:
  11. The Other Side

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    maybe you should take a course in "outside the box" thinking and realize that there is plenty of blame to go around. Huckabees part in this tragedy is only the begining of the chain that started a series of events.

    Despite the pleas of the prosecutors in his state to deny clemency, he went forward and granted it since his parole board (appointed by his administration) recomended it.

    Clemmons record, was a bad one, in retrospect, its clear he should have never been released, however, that burden must be carried by Huckabee for the clemency "bears" his signature.

    No one is gloating, after being released by Huckabee, this man (clemons) is accused of 8 more felonies before shooting the policemen to death.

    He was on bail at the time. There are many failures of the criminal justice system after the initial failure of mike huckabee.

    Clemons record:


    This post TIEGUY, was merely to point out the political ramifications for Huckabee and not about the policemen. There are other victims of clemons long before the shootings of the policemen that are just as horrible.

    As was stated in the original post, this is Mike Huckabee's "Willie Horton" moment in his political career, and any chance of running for president in 2012 just went out the window.

    The only benefactor in this "politically" is Sarah Palin, who will have one less qualified candidate in the running in 2012. Huckabee who would have mopped the floor with Palin in the GOP will never see that chance because of Maurice Clemons.

    Remember this ad??

    This is what Huckabee can expect to see if he runs for any office, it may not be fair, but its politics.
  12. tieguy

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    I'm sorry TOS I went back and reread your post but I don't see where you spoke of the "many failures of the criminal justice system". I don't see where you mentioned that Huckabee followed the parole boards recommendations or a judges recommendations or any of the other failures.

    Hell I don't even see where you showed any remorse over the death of four cops.

    I do see where you gleefully point out that Huckabee paroled the guy and gleefully point out this is Huckabees "willie horton moment".

    If this kind of gloating and insensitivity is thinking outside the box then I think I'll stay inside it.

    Let me simplify this for you.

    Dude you're screwed up.

  13. soberups

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    The last cop that the scumbag Clemmons killed...fought back and was able to shoot Clemmons in the abdomen before he died.

    Clemmons spent his last 2 days on earth bleeding out from a gutshot. Had to be a slow and painful way to go. Too bad.

    The cop that killed Clemmons this morning probably saved the taxpayers of Washington state at least $40 grand on Clemmons medical bills.

    I pray that Clemmons death helps to bring closure to the families of his victims.
  14. The Other Side

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    sometimes you just try too hard....its still funny to watch though...

    A little help for you is in order... Huckabee didnt follow the recomendation of the ENTIRE board, just one guy....the guy he appointed.

    There were objections on the board, and if you READ the documents I provided ,you can see what exactly happened in this case. Just click on the link and educate yourself.

    The documents show everything that happened, and who said what...all you have to do is read it.

    Still, I enjoy knowing youre at the company computer during working hours and answering posts...

    That's the best part, someday , youll get caught!

  15. tieguy

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    Tap...tap tap...rat a tap tap....ta tap tap tap.

    Sounds like you're dancing to me TOS. :peaceful:
  16. 1989

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    Metropolitan Seattle must have at least 5 shootings a day... This is nothing new, just one that made national headlines. There are hundreds like clemmons roaming the streets.
  17. Baba gounj

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    TOS what make you think Huckabee was still a canidate for any elected office?
    The guy was done and buried. Has you ever watched his tv show?:happy-very:
  18. tieguy

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    TOS if you are watching his show then we expect good detailed reports on what you saw.:happy-very: