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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by I'mTheMan, Feb 9, 2009.

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    I want to make this clear to all of the members of Brown Cafe that regarding the post that I had for "22.3 Employment Update" has gotten me a huge mistake to post this but my idea to spread this across the country that would help other members to stay in their full time preventing layoffs in the future. However, honestly we were the only ones that got us layoff last year and it wasn't pretty sight. Then, across the country were then affected more layoffs as well in later times after we had ours first. However due to fact with several co-workers of mine has saw my post were walked away from me and was very upset and hurt their feelings. So I want to apologize if I have in any way offended you all from this post. It is true that the union has stopped fighting for our jobs to deadlocked one panels, but instead to make an agreement to stay full time at a new locations of jobs is where we would be protected with new language agreements. It is true that I am in still forever unforgive and anger to the company of UPS and Union. I have not made peace with both of them ever since. The true is I blame UPS for laying us off and replaces with part timers in it and sending us to part time else where. Secondly, I also blame the union for keeping my fellow co-workers and myself regarding for "Kept us in the dark" and giving us a very very slow progress. I blame the union that they have not been truthfully strong and fighting it for us at all. So instead, I have decided to live with the pain that I have been though and going to keep quiet and not post any more info regarding 22.3's for employment for full time with UPS. My written english may not be clear to you but all I can tell you right now that I am very sorry for any recent posted and I have been dealing very difficult times with my family and such economic times in that turmoil been going though. As from now on, I'm not going to be posting anymore regarding the jobs but I will continue to show you my support that I hope your ideas will somehow regain your employment back to full time with 22.3 in the future. As for me, I cannot post or tell you of what our situation is but you can read info from their stories at TDU or MakeUPSDeliver's website. Once again, I apologized for my behavior in such postings. Thank you for your time.
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    Is English your second language?
    That post made little to no sense.
    Sorry dude but I have two words for you,
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    Never mind.
    Now it seems that I need to "appologized".
    Just read some of your previous posts and have concluded that English may just be your second language after all.
    Good luck with whatever it was you were trying to say.
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    geeze u can tell he is already upset; take it easy on him
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    Your right.
    I couldn't make heads or tails of what he was trying to say.
    Wasn't till I went back the 3rd time that I saw the part were he said his English wasn't good.
    Unfortunately this is indictative of some posters that can't use this excuse.
    I apologize I'mTheMan.
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    I'm the Man,

    I am sorry you won't be posting anymore on what's happening to you guys as it gave the rest of us valuable information of the situation as it was hitting us as well.

    I don't know what's wrong with your co-workers or why they would turn against you for trying to help all 22.3s keep their jobs across the Country and maybe it's because they might not get involved enough to care about everyone else.

    Thanks for all of your help, take care and I hope we hear from you from time to tome.
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    I hope your local and UPS can work out a better agreement in the future....I feel for you guys in these tight times.It's easy to be insecure. Most of us here know from our customers that times are tight.Hang in there...
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    ?Not sure what you might of said that would upset them.? But i do know how you feel. for that i am currently being replaced by two part time employees and being forced to take 2 other part time jobs with a 4hr gap in between them. a 6 dollar an hr pay cut. i also now have to watch my twin 3yr boys in the day. Only had part timers get upset at 22.3 because of management trying to divide us. i have also was in the dark for the most part till i heard from people like yourself. It was 22.3s like you and so many others that were bold enough to speak out that has got me in the light. along with strong teamsters such as yourself, bellesmom, casper, and a lot of others on other chat rooms, and at work that has got my BA willing to return my calls within a day. I have been giving them info that he wasn't aware of. I even called your local along with just about every other local listed on google.And have sent emails and keep call national. Emails to labor lawyers, state rep. congressman, news ect... If we do not speak out and stand up for or selves then who will? If more people would stand together this wouldn't be happening. UPS is working its way across the U.S. eliminating the 22.3 jobs.
    Don't let them wear you down!

    just for laughs...well not really... ups lays of 70 employees so far off our midnight that is about to shut down. And they were on the news and in papers as one of the companies at job fair! not the same company since we went public!
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    First off your local knew in 1997 before the contract was ratified that the newly created article 22 jobs wern't protected. Your then B.A. now secretary-treasurer discussed this several times before we ratified that contract. Stating that the protection of those jobs would come in the next contract negotiations.

    And as for your coworkers, just tell them they arn't in high school anymore.
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    Be nice. Seems like he has suffered or is suffering. Jobs are very important to all of us.

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    not all of your co workers are smart thinkers, so don't blame yourself for their thick skulls.
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    jobs not guaranteed in local but ups is to make and maintain 20,000 full-time jobs. That issue was was already fought and won with aberration. UPS should of put a clause about vol. and the union left out a pay scale in 97 contract. Union fix pay language for 22.3 in 2002.
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    Read all of your message and thanks for reading this issue. These are tough times right now and it's hard you know? I'm hanging in there as I can. Red Dawn, you're right, we had won those issues back in late 2000's regarding the protecting 20,000 but never understood how UPS were and now saying " Where is that language? " to prevent from layoff? They went ahead and do it anyway, right? Let's hope national grievance panel may have turned this around and be favor for you guys instead of the company who decides to close the night sort on several airport and layoffs and seniority mixed up too. This is may have not given proper 45 days notice of "Change of Operations" that may have not given to your local unions on this?
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    I'mTheMan -- I can't imagine what you think you have to apologize for. You can't write English worth a damn but I've always found it worthwhile to try and figure out what you were trying to say, and not thought any less of you for that.

    Btw, you're clearly not illiterate or lacking in vocabulary, but but give the impression of some unusual dyslexia affecting sentence formation. If you don't mind saying -- is it just ESL?