I didn't work past 6 o clock....

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by UPSmeoff, Dec 22, 2007.

  1. UPSmeoff

    UPSmeoff Say my name.

    all peak long.

    I guess there was a good plan in place. I actually dread when i get my normal stops back.

    The downside is i didn't make much money. Good thing for tips.
  2. UPSmeoff

    UPSmeoff Say my name.

    Have i said that i love my route!!

    Summer sucks though......
  3. UPSmeoff

    UPSmeoff Say my name.

    This is Thursday......
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    I also didn't work past 6 during peak. Credit for this goes partly to a solid dispatch but most of it goes to my helper. He ran his ass off but took the time to do the job right, with no concerns/DFU's to date. But, as you said, little or no overtime so I will be heading in today to help deliver air that didn't show up until late yesterday afternoon.
  5. When does work start at? 8 or 9 am?
  6. jlphotog

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    At least you could walk through your truck on Thursday. For me, they took off all my rezzies on Thursday so I could stuff it full of my businesses. I was told my rezzies would be covered. I actually believed that. (the :censored2: that I can be) On Friday, I had all of Fridays rezzies and all of Thursdays rezzies, plus all my commercial work. Didn't even get to start on the two days of rezzies until around 17:30. Punched out just after 21:00 on Friday.
  7. pkg-king

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    Didn't you guys make a bunch of bonus money getting done that early?
  8. ups before dawn

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    UPSmeoff, I'm still pretty new to this forum, so I don't really know you or where you are, but I am going to guess you guys don't have snow on the ground where you drive.

    Being here in the Northern New England district peak didn't go quite so smoothly... and the planning seems to be a bit, well... let's say retarded. The driver helpers riding bicycles with wagons attached to the back of them worked until we got our first good snow storm -- after that it everything went to hell. One of the routes that I load was supposed to have two driver's helpers on bikes. I ended up loading the package car up with 250+ stops almost everyday and putting another 75+ under the belt for someone to grab later... The driver only had one helper and they worked out of the truck...

    I drive Saturday air (at $12.50/hr) and they had me delivering ground packages (out of my car...) on Thursday and Friday after my preload shift (at ground rate... around $27/hr) and then I delivered ground out in the boonies (because of a storm on Thursday... snow made for EC) for 7 hours -- at ground rate again! So I can't complain... but it seems like the overtime for the drivers and extra pay for me makes the whole equation unbalance towards the side of illogical and inefficient.
  9. Overpaid Union Thug

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    I was getting off between 6:00 and 6:30 all through peak leading up to this past week. There were a few 7:30 days and even one 10:00 day the first week of December but 6:15 was the average clock out time for me. This week I clocked out at 6:45 Monday, 7:45 Tues., 9:15 Wed., 8:00 Thurs., and then 7:00 Friday. I would have finished around 6:30 or 7:00 on those late nights if the dispatch sup hadn't given me more work off two neighboring routes. One of them was forced to come bail me out Thurs. and Friday. night and had the nerve to ask me what I had been doing all day when he saw how many stops I had left. My response was "I've been running most of your stuff. It obviously should have been on your truck in the first place if you were done at 5:00 and are comming to help me run the rest of it."
  10. 8Years2Go

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    Only worked until 8:00 twice, and averaged about a 9.5 day throughout peak, had a great helper, dispatch was great(I haven't said that in years), for the most part the weather wasn't a factor hear in SW Ohio and we had pleanty of package cars, mostly due to most of our fleet being replaced over the last couple of years. Bunches of old 800's and 1000's in the back lot.

    Merry Christmas to all of you fellow UPSer's and lets do this agin next year!!!!!!
  11. Jim Kemp

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    That load looks sweet to me. Mine was packed front to back with single pkg stops(250 stops and 300 pkgs) Could not get in front or back door. To get in my cab I needed to go down about five cars an crawl through their cabs just to get odometer reading. Would spend several hours going through load and going back to the same house 2 and 3 times. After Thanksgining I could not even get hand cart in truck. Would keep helper for 6 to 8 Hours and would still not finish. Friday 4 drivers had to meet me at 8 pm to get stops. I can never understand why the mgt. would stuff 250 to 300 stops in a car (normal is 105-115). They would say there was no place else to put it. But every day someone would shuttle out pkgs to me. Why could they not bring the last stops on my area when they shuttled out the others? I could have worked much better with some breathing room.
    Some days it was so bad I would just drive around and del. big pkgs to be able to get in the bulk head door.
    This was Peak number 30 for me and it was by far the worst I have ever seen. Total lack of planning. The planning was to do nothing and hope for the best. I didn't even get a split pulled off, I had my entire route everyday. I have always had a section pulled off me by Thanksgiving but not this year, I had the whole darn thing.
    Enough rambling and bitching, I hear a nap calling my name