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    So I will post this one here and let the mods move it where it belongs.

    I got to thinking today (something you have time to do while running some heavy machinery) about how the last 30-50 years have impacted on what we see today.

    Take for instance:

    I find it so interesting that the very same people that were shooting up/smoking weed etc, tried to warn us about big brother and how big brother is watching you. Aint it funny how those same activists are now in charge, and they want even more rights to watch us even closer? Hell, they have more information on each of us right now than you could ever imagine.

    And how it is very very wrong for a person to spew hatred against someone that has a different skin color........as long as the other skin color is different than white. But if you are the other skin color, you can say what ever you want about those that are white. And its pretty much OK. It seems that when I hear some of these activists speaking about racism, they really dont want racism to ever die, they want it to go on forever. That way they feel relevant.

    I also find it interesting that those involved within a dead end war called Vietnam would ever put our sons and daughters in a position to fight battles without clear cut goals and objectives. If we are going to declare war, do it, have a really good reason, knock the hell out of them, and get it over with. (China comes to mind on this one. If I get one more item at the store made in china, in a clear plastic protective device that takes a chain saw to open, I think we ought to nuke them. It gets pretty bad when the packaging lasts longer in the dump than the item inside)

    I also think it so interesting that the tree hugging liberals thought it so unfair that the rest of the world is paying $4 a gallon for gas, when we were way less than $2. Now that it is on its way to $4 here, listen to them complain about how much exxon makes in profits, but hell no, dont you dare start new drilling in the gulf or alaska. And we sure dont want any more nuclear power plants like they have around the world.

    There are many more, but I will include this one to make it UPSable.

    Why is it that upper management want our input, but when we give it to them, they tend to ignore it and do things their way anyway? (tie, this one is for you:peaceful:

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    I share your pain danny.
    But that 35 minute uplifting speech today, just made me feel all warm and fuzzy.
  3. dannyboy

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    That was not the speach, that was your depends filling up:wink2:

    Love ya, mean it!

  4. DS

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    The Chinese thing scares me.We have to stick together and buy AmeriCanadian.I'm sorry if we have to put thousands of dollar stores out of business but ,it has gotten out of hand.Pretty soon they will be selling cars here at 20% lower prices than comparable models.Somehow I think that new car smell would be substantially different.Its scary to me in that with the fear of a recession looming many people may give in and buy that new car they could never afford before.The taliban in my opinion are mere rabble rousers compared to the giant that is attempting to gradually rule the world.I agree danny somewhat that a war with China in the future is almost inevitable,but I do think that thier threat would be substatially smaller if we did not contribute billions of dollars every year.I say BAN everything made in China.Buy AmeriCanadian,or move to China.
    I think you hit a nerve db.
  5. dannyboy

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    Been to walmart lately? I would be surprised if you could fill a buggy with things made in the USA anymore. And the items made in china are 100 to 1 for all others combined.

    Add to that the fact that the Chinese military owns most businesses, and the ones they dont own, they control. So that money we send to them each day will one day be coming back............

    Maybe we ought to be learning to write top to bottom?

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    Not depends danny boy:angry:
    although I did go to walmart and found hanes undies some still made in USA.
    After listening to that speech, and then Rush Limbaugh, I thought today, I may get shot in the ghetto. I must have gotten told to shut my radio off, several times.
    I never thought anyone could speak for 35 minutes, and say nothing, except I will not renounce my preacher, hes like family. We are in trouble.
  7. dannyboy

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    You mean they make them that ............never mind, I will behave.

    You dont have to spank!

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    Ok, I dont know what you have heard, but Im not fat, I just have large bones, and I do not need diapers,..........yet.
  9. dannyboy

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    Fat, who said anything about fat. That nasty three letter word is not in any conversation a sane man would have with any woman, and live to tell about it.

    Actually, I figure you are more motherly. A bit of tomboy, but yet motherly. Kinda a cool combination. Wise beyond the years, level headed, but easy to get your face to turn red?

    How am I doing?
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    D you are such a suck up :rofl: Sick em tooner......LMAO
  11. toonertoo

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    Do I know you?
    Motherly, I try.
    Level headed, it would depend who you ask.
    Tomboy totally.
    dilligaf, am i being too easy??
  12. dannyboy

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    If I may quote one of Americas finest statesmen.

    It depends on what your definition of easy is........

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    It is kinda hard to pick on D isn't it, especially with a tardegrade as an avatar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  14. There is a simple for this question. Management is required to have an open door policy for ideas and suggestions. If you come up with a valid plan for saving the company money or to streamline costs believe me they will tweak it and say the idea was theirs all along.
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    There is really nothing you can do that has not allready been done.

    Better be like the good fisherman/lady and just throw me back.

  16. dilligaf

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    Oh I don't think so. You won't get off that easy, Mr. LOL You will just have to deal with it.:surprised:
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    Well I cant sleep in the dog house, there are three dogs and two cats there, the chicken coop is full of chickens and a duck that has identity problems, the fish house is a bit wet.

    I know, I can go to the underground fort! What an idea.

    A bit dark, but homey.

    If you want, I can send you a photo, put it in last year.

  18. dilligaf

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    Sounds like my house sans the chicken and fish. I have 2 dogs and 3 cats. But we do have a 24 X 48 garage that has a little bit space in it. You could squeeze in between my mustang and the 2 harleys.!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Since this is an oddball thread anyway, I thought I would add this as well.

    I see so many people get bent out of shape on the rep feature on this site. Why? My God people. Are we that concerned with what people think? Are we that insecure in what we know to be true and of our own worth?

    I have a request. I want everybody to give me negative points on my rep. Take me back down to 0 or even in the negative.

    Now, will that change who I am or what I write? Hardly. Rep points are only good when you set a lot of store by them, which I dont.

    I have given out positive points when I think someone makes a valid point, agree or disagree. But I do think they are way over rated.

  20. moreluck

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    neg. reps. will make you sad all day......... :sad2: