I don't remember what time the sort starts on Monday. Who can I call?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by mr_bennet, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. mr_bennet

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    I don't have my supervisors new phone number so I can't call him is there any other department at the facility that I can call that can give me the info. Your help will be greatly appreciated.
  2. scratch

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    mr bennett, if you posted the building location you work at, then maybe someone here could pm you a phone number. It was a workday today, so all buildings are open. If your supervisor didn't tell you different, then my guess would be your normal pre peak start time.
  3. mr_bennet

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    I work the twilight shift at the 1400 s jefferson hub in Chicago and we had the day off today.
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    Just get to the building at what you earliest scheduled non-peak start time is that way you are not late.
  10. cachsux

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    Over at the Cach the word on Tuesday was that the sunrise and day sorts were going to be combined. You may want to dig and see whats going on at your building. By the way it`s just referred to as simply "Jeff St"
  11. hondo

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    Mr Bennet, if you truly can't get ahold of anyone to get monday's start time, get there at least as early as the "nominal" start time (probably 5 PM, right?). But there's a really good chance it's even earlier than that (remember our customers will have been generating shipments fri, sat, and mon). You might want to try to get there by 4, just to be safe. Worst case, you've got plenty of time for coffee, and to get the phone #s for the future. Or there's the outside chance that any package drivers you see during the day might remember the # from their part-time days (if they worked pt @ Jeff).
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