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    Done. I also forwarded Jordan's webpage to some people who might be interested in helping out. I have several cancer survivors in my family, and I can't imagine how tough it is for a little 10 year old to have to go through chemo.
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    Thank you deliver man! [​IMG]
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    An update on Jordan:

    She has finished her first round of chemo and will be going back into the hospital on the 21st for about a week. She will be spending Christmas in the hospital undergoing her second round of chemo therapy...

    Come on guys, let's get busy and send this kid some cards!
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    I dropped Jordan a note the other day. I'm a cancer survivor myself, 8.5 years and counting. Jordan and her family are going through a real rough time right now and support and encouragement are important. Let's ALL rally around this brave little girl.

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    Does the family have a trust fund set up for accepting financial contributions? If yes, to what party would I make the check payable to or does the family have a PayPal account for this purpose? Anyway, I'll confess I've been a little slow to act on this issue, although with peak finally winding down, I now have the time to mail a card and a check. Thanks in advance.
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    To my knowledge the Secour's do not have trust or paypal accounts set up. Both are very good ideas and I will make sure that they are brought to their attention.

    I have told my friends to make checks payable to George Secour or the Secour family. George comes into the center once a week and picks up anything that has come in.

    This week will be an especially difficult one for their family since Jordan will be spending Christmas week in the hospital undergoing chemo therapy. I have had adult family members stricken with cancer, so I have some personal experience with the challenges that they are facing. It can be very difficult for an adult to tolerate chemo therapy. I cannot imagine how overwhelming it must be to have your child facing this kind of challenge. It would be an absolute nightmare...
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    A "Get Well" card and a modest check is in the mail.
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    I just got a call from my "friend" in Costa Mesa center and they are in the process of making alternative arrangements for handling contributions to the family. The information will be posted on Brown Cafe as soon as it becomes available.