i got bumped!

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    any stewards on her from ny?? im in local 804 and these guys told me today that i was bumped off the calender for this friday!! last i new they had to notify me a week in advance if i was bumped by senority guy with more time.. im looking in the book and cant find anything on it
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    I`m not a steward, however, Article 57, section 7, paragraph 2 of the national master agreement says the employer must give the employee a minimum of 3 calender days notice prior to the beginning of the week or 3 days salary.

    This wording makes me more confused!!
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    On her? ... Hoax?
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    I believe you have to submit in writing a day off request. The company has 24 hours to respond to that request.

    If they have responded by saying that you have the day off, then they can not go back afterwards and say that they changed their mind without penalty.

    If you are forced to work, then you receive time and a half all day.

    This is how it was in the previous contract (our supplement in central states).
    Your area may have different rules about this.
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    Here is your local supplement.

    The language is weak , but I suggest you reading up on it before talking to a steward. I rarely ask stewards or union reps anything unless the answer is previous practice rather than cut-and-dry in contract.

    The answer "should" be that once verified the day was yours, management can no longer change the day within one week in advance. I did not read anything about someone senior coming in and bumping you out of day that you have had scheduled. The contract reads you need at least one week in advance notice for the day and the day could be mutually agreed upon by employee and employer.

    But all this depends on how previous instances of this have been ruled in your local (I'm sure it has happened before).

    Next time, like everyone else, I recommend calling in sick.
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    pick up the phone call your bussiness agent thats why you pay dues you show up for your 8 hrs THEY SAY WE HAVE NO WORK THATS OK YOU STAY. ITS boring but its worth it.UNLESS The night or day befor the say go back to your hub job.. NOW if your full time( pd )package driver ? Thats ok you go to your hub job 4 hrs in am then it sucks but you come back in afternoon do 4 hrs shift .ahh YOU get full time pay . now your in your 3rd day of this. THEN they put iyou back in package car your still at full pay the only thing you lost is 3 days off road. but not a dime ENJOYTHE BUMP.wouldnt hurt to go to union meeting once in awhile to,(isnt your local 704)
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    Nothing you can do if your the least senior person in the bldg.
    But a little more info please. Are you new? Partime/Fulltime? Hub worker/driver?...are you being layed off entirely or have the opportunity to bump someone else in return. As far as I'm aware, your guaranteed 8 hrs if you have full time status, and are displaced from your regular sched position. Even if you have to work 2 part-time shifts. If they tell you there's no work available, and someone with less senority works, then go home and file a grievance for that day. It may take a while to be reimbursed, but you'll win that day for sure....
  8. LED

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    Are you trying to get the day off, or work?
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    seems like theres confusion!! my local is 804, im a 7 yr full time driver, i go to union meetings theres only 4 a yr in my local, i put my name on the calender 2 weeks ago and was given friday off, i went to my sup last fri night to make sure i was still off being that i was not notified, this tuesday my manager calls me and told me i was bumped by a senior guy for this friday, what im asking is CAN THEY DO THAT!!! WHERES THE ARTICLE THAT SAYS THEY CANT,IT DOESNT FAZE ME ONE BIT BECAUSE IM GONNA BANG BUT ID LIKE SOMETHING TO FIRE BACK WHEN IM IN THE OFFICE TUESDAY
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    They can do it; I don't know the article but it states you have to request at least ten days in advance and then if someone else with higher seniority asks for it before ten days; you lose yours.

    Sorry for the run on crazy sentence but i am tired and need to go to bed. Someone on this post or your steward will tell you the exact parameters.

    but make sure you clarify it because UPS tries to make up or bend the contract when they need to or think you are too weak to call their bluff.

    good luck
  11. UnsurePost

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    Every supplement is different. I looked through 804 and did not see any language regarding time aside from one week notice for the day off.

    In our supplement here in NE, it says management has 48 hours to allow or deny the day. If you are allowed, you cannot be bumped from the day, so managemnet MUST get it right the first time.

    Again, I posted Local 804s supplement, read for yourself, I might have missed any language pertaining to the optional holidays but from what I read, there is no reason for him to be bumped when he clearly requested it 1+ week in advance and WAS allocated the day off.
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    Call your BA...
  14. UnsurePost

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    I have to disagree. Calling the BA will not get him tomorrow off (it's Friday tomorrow) and also the BA would probably step in and probably start making calls to bully the center manager or whoever this came down from. That is bad because if the persno is going to book off tomorrow, this makes the BA look bad as hes making calls to defend the employee when they booked off anyway.

    I say just book off and let mgmt deal with it. If there is a problem then call the BA.
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    You have to put in for an optional 8 days in advance using an optional holiday form. The company has to answer you by the end of the 7th day. YOU MUST GET THE YELLOW COPY OF THE SLIP to keep for your personal records in case something like this happens. If you have the yellow slip with a member of the management team's approval, I wouldn't come in on Friday! Done deal.
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    My point is that if he was bumped off and it was not done in accordance with their supplemental/contract then the BA should be making a note of it. These things end to happen in groups...
  17. UnsurePost

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    Fair enough, I agree.