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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by pd109, Sep 1, 2005.

  1. pd109

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    I got gas today here in Ontario and it went up 20 cents a litre.4 litres is a little over a gallon.At 1.26 CDN that equals out to just over $4 USD a gal...the predictions indicate that in 2 years $1.50 a litre will be the norm.And a flight anywhere will rarely be under $500.00 on any airline.Why dont they convert planes to propane? my pkg car runs good on it...too dangerous?
  2. over9five

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    How 'bout solar for planes? As long as they fly above the clouds...
  3. pd109

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    cow farts(methane) to get them off the ground,propane to get them to 60.000ft then its all solar from there
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    Hell, It went up 30 cents while I was in line to buy it. Heard Atlanta was having to pay over $6 a gallon allready. Here we are paying 2.78-3.59 a gallon, up from 2.25 a week ago.

    I guess all those feel gooders are now happy. It was not that long ago they were complaining we were not paying enough and should feel guilty because we are not paying more, like the people in Europe and other places.

    I would not feel a bit of guilt if the prices went back down under a dollar.

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    Atlanta had a couple of places at $5 to 6$ a gallon and Wednesday night it was from the upper $2 a gallon to near $4 depending on where you went. Yesterday most places I saw was around $3.15 to $3.19 and a number of stations that ran out the night before already had more gas which means they got a shipment in overnight.

    As of now other than the price being higher getting gas appears to be no problem.
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    I am all for alternate power sources, but that one needs some work as I cannot afford a grand and a half van and the vegetable stations are pretty seasonal up here in Michigan. [​IMG]

    I can see in the summer stopping by the roadside stand and saying filler up, gimme a couple dozen ears of corn and some cucumbers.

    But what do I do in the winter, ice peppers?[​IMG]

    just pulling your leg.
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    Hey there are those already in the US that are stoping by at McIDees to filler up with used frying oil. Problem is that this is not a large scale solution for the problems of the fuels we have now.

    After all, alcohol engines have been around for many years, why not start makin moonshine for your cars.

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    Thats why we never converted to the metric system. We knew once we started buying gas by the litre they would really stick it to us...[​IMG]
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    I come from a long line of Georgia moonshiners.
    I think that it is time to start the "family business" again!
    Gosh- I did not listen to the old timers. I guess that I can get the directions off the internet.....
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    It sucked driving around wednesday only to watch the gas prices rise everytime I passed the stations. It was $2.67 at the beginning of my day and each time I passed the same station it would rise. It ended up at $3.15. Maybe I ought not pass by the gas stations anymore.

    I saw a documentary how moonshine is comming back into fashion. Man I ought to start.
  11. tieguy

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    Danny got any moonshine connections? If its real good I might filter it through my kidneys before I fill up the tank[​IMG]
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    Gas here dropped 40 cents since sat AM.

    Hope it keeps going.