I hate everything

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    George Strait- I Hate everything (lyrics)

    Politics suck, they are all crooks, we are all doomed.

    Fish or families? Paul Rodriguez on Hannity - Farmers Water Crisis

    Fish are dying and farmers cant farm in California because of them. Governor cant control his own state over Epa regulations. But if the farmers get water the fishermen suffer.

    The human condition sucks, we have little girls kidnapped and being raised in huts in the US, as sexual slave to some monster. and no one notices

    Jaycee Lee Dugard Found Alive CBS News Report

    Im going to bed.

    God Is Great Beer Is Good and People Are Crazy
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    God is great, beer is good and people are crazy. So simple, so true!
    Nice play Tooner!
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    RE: Fish or Families...

    I watched Hannity on that farm special last night. Arnold was on too. Apparently Arnold has gone as far as he can as gov.to help the farmers and now only D.C. can turn the water back on.

    Pail Rodriguez voted for Obama......another dis-satisfied customer??

    Forget the smelt (fish)..... help the farmers. If we don't turn on the water, we will be eating tomatoes from China!!
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    An unbiased reporting of the same show:


    You have to love this:

    A protester who gave his name as "Walt" was wearing a T-shirt which depicted President Barack Obama as Adolph Hitler. Walt said, "Yeah, he's a scary guy to me. He's a dyed in the wool Marxist."

    Here I thought WWII pitted Marxists against Nazi's? Which is he?
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    I'll clarify that for everyone that doesn't understand it.
    Hitler was as far right as you can go (NDP) National German Party = Nationalist. (hence Nazis for short).
    Karl Marx, as far left as you can be (invented communisum).

    What can you expect from some people though ?