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    600 pound Internet Star shuts down web site

    AKRON, Ohio – The man from Germany sent a credit card to Donna Simpson with specific
    instructions: Buy pizzas, Chinese food and other takeout.
    He wanted Simpson to use his money to become as large as possible, and he got excited knowing
    he helped feed the 600-pound woman, she said.
    "He didn't even need to see me," she said. "Just the fact that he was feeding me was enough of a
    thrill for him." For years, the 44-year-old mother of two was a star in the fantasy fetish community
    that worshipped the overweight and the feeding that led to it. Simpson had a website where men
    paid $19 a month to watch her eat. She flew around the world for various events. And she became
    famous in the British papers.

    Read more: 600-Pound Internet Star Shuts Down Website | Fox News
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    Are you sure it wasn't a Canadian man of German decent?
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    On a related note, I saw this story in the local paper:Woman gives birth to 13-pound baby, names him 'Jihad'

    The title was something like "heaviest baby" . It went on to describe a German woman giving birth to a heavy kid, her 14th kid. I pictured some Blond woman pumping them out. I thought that was the story until I saw the name of the kid. Then I realized the story was way more than a heavy kid being born and that the mother was probably not blond.

    Remember the name of this kid and keep an eye out for his 13 siblings. I feel they will be in the paper again when they are a bit older.