I need help please!


Hello everyone! and it's nice to meet all the technical people of UPS.:smart:

Well I am in need of your help with a few problems that I have with the UPS systems.

Here I am trying to use the UPSer.com's features but there is still a few thing that I need. I was trying to learn more with "e-learning", but logging on "I.S. Learning center" needs something call RSA token code.

So whatis a RSA token code? How would you get it if you were me?

Another thing is I am trying to log on to I - GATE for online career development, and it need something else too. The thing to
for the registration is a GEMS Employee ID, and I don't think that the ID on my tag though.

What is a GEMS Employee ID? Is it on my pay slip?

The is I am trying to make sense of the web that UPS have, but it's kind of confusing for me.

I hope someone who can help me will give me some good advices. My main goal is to learn more from UPS with my own time on my PC that's all.

Thank you very much to everyone who will help me. Thank you again. :student:
Your GEMS employee ID is on your paycheck. That is pretty much the magic number you will use to login to all kinds of systems at UPS (I-gate, UPSers, etc).

RSA tokens are used when you login to UPS remotely. If you are issued a UPS laptop then you will get an RSA token. If you don't have a UPS laptop then you probably won't get an RSA token.


Thanks for clearing that up freeloader with you information. I tried to log on to I-gate with my employee ID one the tag, but it seems like it didn't work.

I will now try it again to log on to I-gate that way with my employee ID if it's that's the GEMS #

Also thank you again for clearing the RSA token code, cause it ask me for it so many time trying to log on to inside.ups.com. The thing is no one at the HUB would answer my question about what is the RSA token is!!!!

So I see it to use the internet to do "e-learning" though the IS system is to do it at work computers. I will talk to the HR sup more about this as I think he will know more about "e-learning"

Thanks again freeloader.

Funny thing is that Dr. Spoof I don't need to hack UPS network outside, cause I know where I can do a lot stuff inside. :wink2: Hacking for what though seriously?