I need to change my direct deposit info and having trouble

chad mofield

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I thought this was something that HR took care of. I asked and they said they could no problem. I waited a month and nothing. So I went in again and they said I could just change it on UPSers and more or less got me out of the office. I have a new account and cannot close out my old one (which my UPS check is deposited into) until I have my check going to the new one. I logged in and maybe it is because I am not the most adept with technology , but I am having one hell of a time figuring out how to change my info over to the new account. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also does anyone know how long that usually takes to go into action? Thank you guys and good luck with peak!


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Go to upsers. Click on My Life and Career. Scroll down to and click on My Money. Click on View My Paycheck... Click on Direct Deposit. You can make your changes there.

You're welcome.

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You have worked for months without pay? By law, you are now considered a volunteer, and cannot be paid but we thank you for your service to the company.