I want to be Scum!!

Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by CharlieBrown, Jun 18, 2007.

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    Hi, I was wondering if someone could give me some info about going for management, full-time, and the whole mapp process with a degree in hand... what position you are given etc. I do already work for UPS. I have been there 3 years.

    I will be graduating soon with a degree in accounting and I'd like to cover all my options, staying or going. I know the drivers make a lot of money since one of the drivers told me how much he was making, but I can't really wait on that.

    I've read a lot of the bad stuff on here about it, but I just really want to know if putting in my letter means I'd have to, or would be, a ft supervisor like the one running my area, or where would I start out? Is there a way you can use your seniority to get into the accounting department or something?

    I think I read that they move them around, anywhere, with little notice, making it difficult on a family. Does that really happen often for people within the first couple of years?

    And I think I read something about a 2-year commitment. Does that mean you can't leave before 2 years? If it is as bad as most of you say it is, I probably wouldn't want to stay in that position very long before I find something better.
    Thanks for any info.
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    Think the best place to start would be your supervisor and/or HR. Eventually, you'll end up dealing with HR at some point. I recon they will have a packet of information to give you about going into management, if that is what you feel you would like to do.You'll hear good and bad here, but it will boil down to what your goals are.
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    By the title of the thread you've started, I want to be Scum!! you can't be taken seriously!:confused:1

    What's your degree really in...How to charm my way to the top!!:lol::lol:

    I think you're baiting the management people who post here to try and get information to use for your own agenda.

    What a joke!!:w00t:
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    I'm confused, do you want to try for management, or do you want a professional position (accounting)? I think those are separate paths. For management, I would think you'd be dealing with your current HR & Mgmt, MAPP, etc.; for accounting, I'd expect you'd be referred to regional or national HR, and the process would be the same as applying to any large international company (except we've all heard how UPS prefers to hire from within).
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    Got to agree with you Brazen!

    Charlie...go back to football field and give Lucy a couple of lessons on how to hold a football. If she let's you kick it, I will tell you anything you want to know about mgmt! LOL
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    Just by the title alone we should know it garbage. I really dont know why I even hit the link.
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    Why step down? nuff said.....
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    The big question, that only you can answer, is this: what do you want to do with your life? You have a degree in accounting, and from what I am told by my brother who is an accountant, that is a very in-demand field. If you want to stay in that field and stay with UPS, go to upsjobs.com and search for "Professional Opportunities". I just did the search and there are a few jobs openings there for people with accounting degrees. Most are located in Atlanta, however, and there is no relocation paid for these positions. You can also check with HR to see if there are any other internal job postings for people with accounting degrees.

    If you want to stay in operations as a manager, then you have to submit a letter of intent, go through the MAPP process, etc. I don't know much about that from personal experience, so I can't help you there.

    My own personal advice would be to stick to accounting. As I mentioned, the accounting field is very strong, and you can make a good living at it. My brother is a CPA for a small firm. He works like 60 hours/week during tax season, but his firm pays him overtime and for the rest of the year it is pretty much 40 hours/week. Plus, he works in a nice office, the job is fairly low stress, and he has a lot of career options open to him without having to relocate at the drop of a hat.

    On the other hand, if you have your heart set on being a UPS manager, then go for it. At the end of the day, you are the one who has to live with the decision - not a bunch of anonymous posters!
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    4 years of college and countless headaches from those accounting classes and all you wanna be is a UPS supervisor? damn you are a scumbag j/k :lol:
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    Your advice was all good and very clever Nick,but as its been
    said before,where else but the browncafe would he get so much
    support be it good or bad that would give him more insight than
    upsers.com ever could.I dont consider myself anonymous,and I
    bet every other person thats been here awhile don't either.
    I do question the lads choice of words .
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    Yeah doesnt really give ya that warm fuzzy feelin does it:bored:
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    I didn't mean to offend with my remark about anonymous posters, and I apologize if it came across as offensive. I guess I never consider the term "anonymous poster" to be offensive. After all, I am an anonymous poster, so if it were meant to be an insult, I would be insulting myself! However, if the term has some negative feeling to it on this site, then I will have to refrain from using it in the future.

    My only point was that, at the end of the day, its up to him to make the final choice as to what career path he wants to take.
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    Sorry if the title was confusing, but I just wanted to let everyone know up front that I had already searched through numerous threads and read most of the bad things people have to say about management; I was trying to get passed those type of responses and get some straight answers.

    Thank you CleverNick and hondo for taking the time to read my post and respond. I would say I am more interested in the accounting area, which is why I was asking, because I didn't know if the mapp process led only to operations management, or what. I will ask HR about internal job postings for people with accounting degrees.
    Also, my goal would be to go back into accounting. The demand is pretty strong in accounting/auditing, but it is still tough getting in somewhere without experience, which is where I find myself at now; so now, I am just trying to see what else there is after graduation since I'll have student loan payments to start paying on. I know UPS management wouldn't give me the experience, but maybe I'd be able to take some easy courses online to finish up the requirements to sit for, then pass the cpa exam. Then, it should be easier to get into public accounting without experience and stellar grades.
    I still don't think I will take that path, because I am sure I will get in somewhere in accounting, but I just wanted to know.