"I Was a Warehouse Wage Slave"

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    While we all rant and rave about UPS/FedEx shipping and delivery problems this peak, including work issues and excessive OT, I thought this was a good video of Amazon's modern day slavery practice and overall corporate greed. And the obvious parallels between the companies.
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    "life inside the click"
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    Circa 1987' I went to my wife's law office and had to wait a few minutes while she finished up. I waited in the law library and found myself looking at these vast shelves filled with a law encyclopedia entitled American Jurisprudence 1st edition. I reached up and grabbed a volume which happened to be for the letter "M" and started flipping through the pages, killing time, when by chance I hit upon the subject, "Master and Slave." Under this heading was the following text.

    Off to volume "E" I went and under the article for it stated that the terms "master and slave" were now considered bad terms and thus have been replaced with the term "employer and employee." Then the article went on to describe those terms in broader details along with the legal history and precedence but the foundational premise of the terms are nothing more than as replacement for the previous terms, "master and slave."

    I've yet to see or read anything that contradicts what I read in Am. Juris. 1st edition. Also I remained unconvinced that everything aside and under the new terms we call them, that what we have now is nothing more than a type feudalism under a new name and terms. Whether a King or the Barons at Runnymede, the interests actually served are always the ones of the ruling class, one way or the other.
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    Is this the same in the US? I would have thought someone would have brought it up by now then again main steam media probable keeping it quite it is.
    I have a $250 gift card for amazon buying tires and after that going to try and avoid buying from them again.
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    Exactly. We have never changed in essence or character but only cleaned up the terminology so we could better stomach ourselves.
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    In the midpoint of this lecture at George Mason University, Sheldon Richman covers some history in how employees were helped created and thus today maintained. I've posted this before elsewhere but Sheldon speaks to the point of wage slavery (not so much in name) and some of it's historical foundation.