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    For a little dystopian fun (Just_another_day, you're gonna love this) and some grains of truth too. Pretty creative piece of filmwork built on a dystopian sci-fi platform. A 20 minute Sci-fi short but where does the truth end (for some here, there was never any truth) and the fiction begin or visa versa.

    Have fun watching Sci-fi thrillers at the Monday afternoon matinee!

    Part 1


    Part 2

  2. yeah already saw it :D
    The Vatican today again asking for world currency controlled by them...
  3. Will be an interesting year for sure, I think it all goes down this year. They cannot delay the ponzi scheme anymore.
    But let's just say there are some (positive) interesting things out there too, lot of things can happen:
    I like him, he talks his personal experience and spiritually.
    Aliens - Sgt. Clifford Stone goes public about 57 species - YouTube
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  5. My brother lives in London I found this for him, said to him to take some time off on those days when the security guards number are the highest :)
    Logos for Olympics: