I'm not going to take it anymore...


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What is the problem with people today?? Rudeness everywhere!

I was in line at the checkstand of the grocery store. Two ladies behind me also. The checker is in the middle of scanning my items and this guy (jerk) walks up to the head of the checkstand and asks the clerk for a couple packs of cigarettes. Before the clerk could even respond, I said, "Hey buddy, you can get your cigarettes but you'll have to wait in line like the rest of us."

Because of his interruption of my transaction, the clerk scanned one of my items twice. Luckily, the woman next in line noticed it and saved me $2.99.

Where do people get off thinking their time is any more important than my time. I'm definitely speaking up. If these rude people were raised wrong, then I'm going to teach them some manners.

So, if you hear down the road that I was killed in a parking lot, you'll know the lesson of manners was not appreciated by someone.

Anyone else have a "rudeness" experience.


Good for you more,but be careful,saving one rude person from eternal hell is not worth it .If the fat biker wearing hells angels colors wants in,let him in,or be prepared to shoot.


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Amen, Moreluck! I was in an amusement park once, and a group of kids were working their way up through the line, with "Excuse me, excuse me" trying to get to the front. When they hit my place in line, I calmly explained that the line started waaaay back there and that I would not let them pass. If they had a problem with that we could talk it over with security. Other people in line around me had it with the kids, too, and we stood our ground. The kids backed down.


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Last summer I heard the story of a person at my building, (a mgmt person)who went to my stomping grounds with his jet-skis, not wanting to wait in such a lllllooooonnnnnnnggggg line to get HIS craft out, while another boater went to get his truck and trailer, this guy just snuck in and said, "itll only take me a minute" Well the guy got back and saw he was ambushed from his place in line. He went and got in the other guys vehicle, pulled it out, and snapped the key off in the ignition, and threw the rest of the keys in the lake. Thats right, everyones time is important. Just because you think you are faster,or more important, or your needs are more important, they are not, its all about being respectful, as this guy found out the hard way.

I wish I had seen it, now that hes my immediate sup, I think Ill get his side, and I think I know the guy who did it. So on the day I feel frisky and ask him about it, I know my sides will be hurting from laughing so hard.


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my wife and i were doing the check out thing and she was showing me how the debt card worked and being slow at using that card lady be hind us was giveing me the dumb look so i told her i just got out of jail after ten years an needed some help and if you look at me that way again i will hurt you and then i will half to go back she left her stuff and ran away

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I have always wanted to use a line like that...thumbs up woodenfoot.

As far as rudeness goes, get in your car and drive for about a half mile down the road. You will have encountered about 20 acts of rudeness in 2 minutes.


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I drive in a very "rich people" town, and it can be a pain to drive a truck around.

Now these rich people don't think they're being rude... It's just that they're far more important than me or you... Traffic laws, or common courtesy doesn't apply to them. They're rich!

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I drive in a very "rich people" town, and it can be a pain to drive a truck around.

Now these rich people don't think they're being rude... It's just that they're far more important than me or you... Traffic laws, or common courtesy doesn't apply to them. They're rich!

Ah, the rich...my wife works for a bank handling the rich's money. They are sooooo far out of touch with the real world it is pitiful. And believe me, after going to some events at her work, elbow to elbow with rich people, some of their attitudes, social graces, and opinions are so bad you think you were talking to BillyBob the hillbilly. Money can't fix being a redeneck, no matter how fancy you look on the outside.


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I understand where you are coming from. Just yesterday me and my mom were at wal-mart. It wasnt at the checkout line but it was the same level of rudeness if not more. This guy was pulling into the same aisle to park as we were and he was going for the parking spot 4 spaces down. Well at the very 1st parkin spot in the row a car was coming out but my grandmother who by the way is actually handicapped was going for that spot he kept wanting her to back up and my grandmother wouldnt, which i dont blame her. When he finally realized he was not getting that parking place a woman was walking up on his side of the car to go into the store. She told my mother that the guy had called her the B word. My grandmother just said how rude while i on the other hand was telling her to roll the window up so when he got out i didnt lose my fricken cool. I am all one for maturity but u have to understand where i am coming from my grandmother has raised me since i was 11 months old and although my mom lives 5 minutes from me. I am spoiled by grandma and she is practically my mother, i just have 2 of them. He got out proceded to call her a "fata$$ b...." and she just said she would pray for him. His response was "Yea you do that pray for me, dont pull that religious bulls*** on me." Your probably sitting there thinking wow the nerve of this guy. Think that even more when i tell you this was a OLDER MAN!! He was atleast 50. Not to be mean I am 18 years old, and I do understand and have been on the side of the tracks of the whole badass teen, and although i talk to people that are older then me because the people that are either my age all the way up to 21 are irresponsible the point is ive been there. People talk about teenagers being careless, and rude. I kinda wonder if this influence from adults like ourselves since i do consider myself one doesnt have a impact. Im not saying all adults are like this because even though i was mad i did my shopping and left. But this guy has to be someones father or uncle or whatever, COULD U IMAGINE?? Whatever his story may be, i feel sorry for this guy. And any other person that thinks that rudeness is going to get them anywhere. When it doesnt. It just makes you look stupid, and the point u made is true. His time is no more valuable then yours. The same instance goes for the guy on my end who cussed out my grandmother for a parking space FOUR spaces away!! It just goes to show you, how low, rude, and stupid some people really are. Ignore people like that, they ruin your day :).


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Try getting a campsite now at a first come first serve place. That's where you'll see rudness. I don't like camping anymore.

A man shot another man in self defense, when one of them took his atv (I'm not against atv's) and drove through the other man's campsite at a high rate of speed. The man who shot the "atv-er" asked atv man to slow down. At which point, the atv man turned toward him. The man on the atv was shot in the leg. The shooter was found not guilty.