I'm Not Making Fun or Disrespecting Any Religion...


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but I just found this to be too funny.


Christianity isn't above this type of nonsense and nitpicking as great religious debates among our western religion have gone almost so far as to debate how many angels you can get on the head of a pin. I'm laughing at how far we will go and how far we will push or pull in order to control other people with rituals and dogma that is nothing more than creations within the minds of men.

Sorry folks but don't stand there and "piss" on my back and tell me "it's the will of God" as justification. I will give this much credit to the muslims, at least they appear from this edict somewhat more open minded to sex than many of the Christian variety! Now they aren't to nice to committers of adultry or homosexuality so I guess they have their limits too.

Now during Ramadan if you see a young unmarried muslim male all wound up, super tense and just flat on edge, he not a terrorist threat. He's just about to explode!

:lol: :lol:


hmmm . masturbation renders a fast invalid. There is a fact I did not require exposure to.

In fact all those sheets and robes provides the moslem with a lot more privacy for decadency then the christian would ever have.

Ahhhh who cares. Engage in your perversion just don't share it with anyone.


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every religion is stupid. christianity, judiasm, islam, socialism. but not the hindus. they party every week.


Its not really funny that its ok to kill your daughter if she
[disrespects the family]its not funny that hands are chopped off
thieves, or that 12 year old girls are genitally mutilated for the
gratification of thier pre picked 65 year old husband.
Bring on the jihad.


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every religion is stupid. christianity, judiasm, islam, socialism. but not the hindus. they party every week.
Hindus do seem to have it somewhat together as far as their beliefs go. But I agree with the rest of your statement. Only, you forgot Catholicism, the worst offender. It can be combined into Christianity, but shouldn't be, because it sucks much more. It's much better if you give child molesters their own category.
BTW, is socialism a religion?


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I think if we believe in a higher power, greater than ourselves, then that's about as organized as I want to get. It's when humans get involved and start running religions like a major business that the crime and corruption seeps in. After all, we are only human with all the faults of humans.

If we treat people the way we would like to be treated, the old Golden Rule......then I think we're OK.

Being raised Catholic and going to 12 yrs of Catholic school, I used to look at my Protestant friends and think, "Gee, it's too bad they'll never get to heaven because they aren't Catholic".

Just be a good person and make the world a little better before you leave it. I think good people will reap the rewards.....whatever it is called....heaven, or whatever.