Im trying to get hired by UPS

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    I dont know how I came across the application process but I manages to fill out info for a full time driver and a drivers helper. Once I completed the questions I was directed to select the "schedule" tab. I did that and I was told that there were no curent interview times. So.... what do I do now? Wait? How long? I am currently in the position in my life to accept full time employment with UPS, preferably a driver.

    Does anyone have any tips on getting the interview? :happy-very:
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    Ask for divine intervention!!
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    Welcome to bc anna. UPS almost never hires FT as a starting position and unfortunately the word most of us have heard is likely noseasonal FT this year. We still have a lot of current FT drivers laid off. Most of us start as PT or seasonal. Good luck on your search.
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    Hi anna_kristin2002,

    Welcome to the BrownCafe!!

    Talk with someone in Human Resources and good luck in your quest to find employment at UPS!:wink2:
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    That means that position is not available. You can try back again at a later date, but it's doubtful until the economy comes back.
  6. Anna,
    I have limited experience in the Ground Operation as I am in the Airline, but my advice is connect with an HR person and to follow-up with them to the point wher you are almost being a pain. If you really want a career at UPS...Simply Say So!!
    If you are lucky enough to get a seasonal position; do the best you can, don't be a suck-up (no offense-just being real), do not engage in politics (keep your head down and do the best job you can); contact the HR person and tell them how satisfied you are with the job (assuming you are); and thank everyone for the opportunity once the season is over.

    The point?
    • You're energetic & enthused
    • You're a team player (no BS or dragging your butt because others are)
    • You appreciate the opportunity (it's all about relationships)
    • You're a good worker
    I actually brought a person up from a Non-Union Hourly to a Center Manager in 6 years. She was/is THAT good. So, it's possible.

    As I said, I'm not in Ground Ops, but I have interviewed/Hired/promoted/demoted/suspended/terminated many employees. Do a good job and things will work out; just remember:

    YOU control your future. Be strategic and smart!!

    Best of luck. If you get a job, let us know

    Kind Regards,
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    thanks everyone! I will contact and HR manager on Monday
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    Turn around and run away! That's my advise :)
  9. This is probably the best advice of all:happy-very: