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    I have been with UPS almost 4 years now and maybe 4 years too long. Anyways, I am about to get my degree in Criminal Justice but was still considering being a driver. Is 4 years long enough to maybe have a shot at a driver position and what do I have to do to start the process of trying to become a driver? I just think it wouldn't hurt to have options and I just like UPS's benefits. Any information would be great. THANKS!
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    Take the BLUE pill...
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    Jobs are based on seniority. If theres a driver needed in your building, they will post a bid sheet. Whoever has the most seniority gets to go to Intergrad aka Driving school. Then you have 30 days to qualify on a training route before you are actually considered a driver.

    Ask some of the drivers in your building if anyone is retiring soon. Or do like RockdaleEddie said.....Take the BLUE
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    Assuming you would use the new degree in a law-enforcement position, I'd think hard about trying to keep with Brown. Got a kid in law-enforcement, works horrible hours, weekends, holidays, etc. Tough on family life. And the PT they go through will eventually having the tax-payers paying for more knee operations than UPS. And as noble and glamorous as law-enforcement seems, it messes with the mind real easy. Love those guys. Grateful to those guys, but wouldn't want to go through what they deal with day after day after day. Brown is boring sometimes, but I'm home every night and sometimes that makes Daddy the greatest hero of all.
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    Yes, law enforcement was the first career choice I was going to look at with my CJ degree. You do make some good points and I may just keep my eyes on the bid sheets everyday, waiting for driver positions to open up. Thanks
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    This is just an OPINION, so take it only as that. If it were me, and I had a do-over, I would NEVER consider driving as a career. Especially with UPS. Take your degree and USE it. You must have chosen Criminal Justice for a reason. Ask, MOST drivers will tell you they wish they had done things a differently. Driving for UPS has little reward outside the financial. Days of driving for UPS only give you physical exhaustion, aches and pains, and daily complaints from supervisors your not fast enough. Once you physically face challenges of "keeping up with the pace", and you will , there goes your so-called job security. (I know Article 37 blah blah, management could give a rip) Yes, UPS has enabled me to live an average middle class life with some job security. But do you really want to be average........ You can thank me later. Best of luck
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    If anyone doesnt mind me asking what do some of you drivers make a year or just give a ballpark figure? I also have more options than just law enforcement with the CJ degree that interests me. It's probably something I need to really think about. Also, depends on what jobs are available out there too.
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    Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life, I once heard several smart people say. there is no love in this job, yes weekends off for now, but Sat too dog tired to do anything, sunday you do what you didnt have time to all week. If I had a do over I WOULD NOT DO IT> No guts, no glory, no appreciation. No feeling of a job well done. No personal or siick days, in some areas. No parties, no morale, nothing. JMHO I agree with srvhero 100%
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    I have been at UPS for close to 20 years and there is truth to this but I feel good about what I do. It can kick your ass some or most days but I actually like my job even if it is getting close to impossible to do the right way. I have a lot of friends that have been out of work for a long time now and UPS has held strong. Do what makes you happy but in my personal opinion, if it was not worth it we wouldn't do it...still gonna bitch a little though
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    You are right Rockdale, but everything you say after but, is what kicks mine. I dont need or like the stress. I love the people, the atmosphere, its the building that sucks, every day, you didnt do it good enough. People get fired for silly things, things that should have been talked about, not fired, nothing glaring, just a gotcha moment. I have never been fired, from what I hear, I am an anomoly. So yes I complain.
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    You MUST first put your name on the Full-time transfer list, do this immediately. In local 177 anyway you would be able to transfer into any ctr. in the district as long as they couldn't fill the 5 inside to 1 outside ratio for Full-time hires from the ctr. in need. Again this is based on seniority. Here's an idea if you have afternoons available for the next couple of months. Become a drivers helper for peak, most centers usually allow their part-timers to do this. This will give you the best look at what a drivers job is all about. Do remember that we are much heavier stop and piece-wise in Nov. and Dec. even though the past few years have felt like year long peak. So you will be getting a slightly skewwed look at the job. Ask your co-worker drivers questions. They'll know best what goes on in your area. Good luck to you.
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    I know this is a little off topic but you brought up stress. What are we going to do on the Friday before Christmas Eve when everyone pays the 45 bones to have there presents delivered before noon...My Choice
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    Just line them up and do the best you can. That's pretty much my mindset every day. I will do the best I can with what this day gives me.