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  1. lady

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    I have submitted my letter of intent and understand I will have to take a management test. Can someone give me an idea of what to expect on this test?.....I only found 2 example questions on the upsers website. I heard there was math on the test. I have been out of school for over 15 years, trying to figure out what math skills I need to brush up on. I have been in management within a private organization for over 10 years so I do not think the work ethics questions will pose a problem.

    Any information would be apreciated.
  2. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    I hate to sound immature, but a 10 year old could pass the test. I've taken the test. It is entirely about managing people, different situations, and how you'd handle them. If your answers fit into their liking and you're inclined to be able to do the work, then you'll do fine. It's mostly common sense. There are kids hired off the street (18-21) with no college education and minimal skills that do fine.
  3. freeloader

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    There are a couple different tests you have to take and they aren't that difficult. The toughest part is the panel interview and the role playing.
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    Here are a few interview tips:
    In preparation for behavioral-based questions remember S.T.A.R.:

    S- Describe the situation in which you were involved

    T- Describe the task to be performed

    A- What action did you take?

    R- What was the result of your action?

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    PM me. I went through the MAPP process and procured a few PDFs of actual test questions. It's amazing what information you can come across working in TSG. :devil3:
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    Somehow the word integrity comes to mind. Aren't those test property of UPS and not TSG?
  7. upsdude

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    Just what we need, a future sup that BS'd their way in.
  8. upsdude

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    BTW Channahon, tell your dog to stop laughing at me!
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    I've been out of UPS for almost two years now so you don't have to worry about me. I left when the TSG cuts were announced and the writing was on the wall for the direction of technology at UPS.
  10. lady

    lady New Member not looking to cheat...just wish to be prepared or be able to study if needed. The full-sup I have was in his position before the test was put in place so he is not sure whats on the test. I heard there was fractions, percentages, graphs and spreadsheets as well as the ethical management questions. Just want to go into the testing process confident and not worried.
  11. MR_Vengeance

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    what is that???you need to be ethical to be in UPS management?
  12. longlunchguy

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    NO! You have to FAIL the ethics part to get in:biting:
  13. lady

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    what ??? dont have to know the difference between a right and wrong decision?...i maybe over qualified
  14. freeloader

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    People's comments are funny, but it is true that most of the things you are tested on will never be used in a management position. Most of the stuff is high school level stuff.

    When I took the psych test (ethics test), the person told me to make sure I paid attention to the questions because they ask the same questions multiple times throughout the test to see if I answer consistently. Doesn't that pretty much give the purpose of the test away???

    The Inbox test has some math on it and tests your ability to prioritize and manage time. You won't need those concepts at UPS. Excel does math for you and your workday will be 12 hours so no need to prioritize or manage time.

    Seriously, good luck on the MAPP. It's not that difficult - just don't run out of time (everything is timed).
  15. KBlakk

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    MAPP is another 1 of those procedures to make UPS look more efficent than it actually is. as an hourly I have F/T sups come to me for problem solutions on a DAILY basis. but MAPP was supposed to help select the best possible candidate right? speaking as a person that has taken the MAPP "test" (if you want to dare call it that) I find it to be a waste of time. I feel work and true leadership should speak for itself any Joe can pass a scripted test.:knockedout:
  16. tieguy

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    Some of the test is profile/ psychology testing. Some of it tests whether you have the education to do the job.

    The math is no more then general high school math. Some of it may be presented in a report format where you have to pick specific information out of the report and add it up to answer the question.

    The situational questions are looking for your ability to analyse various situations. You then pick an answer. Of the five options one is most preferred , another the next most preferred and then three dud answers.
    That part of the test will test your ability to not only pick the right answer but also test your ability to be consistent. So you may see the same type question phrased 7 or 8 different ways.

    the wrong answers I have seen on this test are usually of the type:

    1) non-confrontational - If you consistently select this answer option then you tend to avoid confrontation. Obviously we don't want our supervisors completely ignoring problems in their work area. One poster here joked about his boss giving him the deer in the headlights look and walking away. A better answer here would generally be an option to discuss the problem with the employees or seek the guidance of your boss if you are not sure how to handle the problem.

    2) helpless / make no decision type - some problems you should be able to handle by discussing them with the employees affected. Some problems may be so severe that you need to get your boss involved immediately I.E. theft, discrimination , workplace violence etc. You will often see an option to discuss or subordinately delegate the problem upward. You have to analyze the situation and see if its one you should be able to handle on your own. We obviously don't want management folks who have to go to their boss for every problem. We train them and expect them to handle many situations with out help or at least make the first pass before going upward.

    3) Fight the power answers - If you consistently pick these answers then you would be labeled someone who is probably a loner / hard head who constantly is unsupportive of company policy and tends to sympathize with the employee against the company in most cases. As a management person you are expected to represent the organizations interests and goals. You can disagree/ challenge/ ask questions with/or about those policies privately with your boss in the office. But you can not willingly violate those policies as a management representative.

    Use this information not to pass a test but to reflect on your own personal traits. Sit down and do some soul searching about your style and your belief system. What type of management person are you. You may some some questions that may call for discipline to be taken against an employee. Your job in that situation would be to make sure you are thoroughly convinced that you have fully trained that employee and that employee fully understands what is expected of them before you go down that path.

    Once you decide what your belief system entails then just try to be consistent in answering those questions.

    someone else said they printed parts of the test. there are at least 5 different versions of each test floating around. The test is often updated to reflect current issues. His unethically acquired information may not be relevant.

    Good luck.
  17. tieguy

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    The mapp test would actually grade someone higher who asks for employee input / involvement. The last thing we want to promote is a know it all loner who thinks he/she was born with all the answers. There are times when a person needs to be a leader and make a decision on his own and more times when he/she should seek input/involvement from their workgroup.
  18. KBlakk

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    Tie this actually puts it into a different perspective for me. Are you in management?:smart:
  19. tieguy

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  20. KBlakk

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    If you don't mind me asking at what level?