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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by TSG_Lets_Unionize, Feb 7, 2006.

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    By request

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    I think a good start should be to have a national rally day, where all TSG/TSC/Admin around the country gather at lunch time and talk about unionizing, maybe take a straw vote. One person could be in charge of presenting this info to local union rep and maybe we can kick this thing into high gear!

    I was thinking valentines day would be a good day, easy to remember, and kind of symbolic.

    We need to talk to each other openly and honestly about doing this. What I have witnessed in my workgroup is most people seem to think this would be a positive thing, but are reluctant to persue it for a variety of reasons. They are afraid management will get wind of it. They think it will never materialize. Some folks have said that they would welcome the protections the union would offer but are afraid that their sups and managers would be bitter and make life hell if it ever happens.

    Well life sure can't get alot worse than it is now. Maybe you not in an affected district. Don't fool yourselves. Anyone remember what happened to the PCAs? Outsourced. Everywhere. This is clearly the direction the company is heading. The are in business to make money. That is fine, but don't let them stomp all over you in the process.

    If we all come together...

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    So make it happen!
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    Wow...TSG is something I really feel that should remain UNORGANIZED, even though I am pro-union and pro-teamster don't get me wrong.

    But at least at our hub, the computers have enough problems as it is (I am a reload ECS clerk and air driver), and I can't imagine guys just bidding into TSG with ZERO skills.

    I can already hear it now - "Reinstalling Windows is NOT my job, thats blah blah's job because he has less seniority and I'm not doing it! I only trouble shoot UDC on Fridays because Mike has more seniority than me and he doesn't want to do it."
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    What an id10T. First you say how you are pro-union, then you bash the stupid union mentality. :lol:
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    Wow calling me an idiot for expressing an opinion, who still has a job and still WILL have a job? Keep it up, that B.S. degree you have in computer science (if you even have one of those) will be more worthless than my toilet paper some day.

    Not all departments should be unionized, I am pro-union for the current hourlies and keeping them that way. Some things like obviously management and specialists should not be unionized due to the amount of skill required. You get the point? Or do you need me to call the 1800 to send you a log to even talk to me?
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    I'm not calling you an idiot for expressing an opinion. I am calling you an idiot for saying you are pro-union, but then pointing out the mentality of a union that is hurting UPS. I was one of the techs that lost their job to make up for the inflated union wages and free health care that the rest of us helped pay for.

    As I stated, I am no longer with UPS so you can call the helpdesk and open a log if you'd like, but I won't be getting it. :tongue_sm