Injured at work, Supervisor insists I'm fine.

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  1. Mfrancisco91

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    I hurt my back (I think pulled muscle or minor sprain) 2 days ago and reported it to the Main Pre-Load Supervisor the day it occured. He insisted that I am fine I am young he said...etc So I was going to call the union today and get then involved but I tried to talk to the Main Supervisor one more time. He explained to me not to fill out comp over a minor injury like mine, he explained the hassle filling out comp would bring, how I would no longer be able to drive on Saturday, and all problems it would bring. He told me whatever you do "do not go to the doctor" and if i should go to the doctor "go to their recomended doctor"??? He gave me a day off and said see how you feel after resting. I'm not sure if I should really waste my time listening to this idiot because he obviously doesnt care about my injury he just wants to cover his own ass. I dont know how many times i asked for a accident report and he just disregards it and says I dont need oneNot sure what I should do? I know if I wait too long I will be screwed. I don't want worker comp but want to file a report just in case I run into problems in the future.
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    I'd go to the Dr.
    But that's just me
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    You notified your sup, and if anything results from this injury, gets worse or whatever, you are covered.

    However if it was bad enough for you to miss a day of work, I'd go to doctor too.
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    I'd go to the Dr, too, especially now. Any time you talk to this guy, have a co-worker close by to verify what you said to this chump. Just curious where he got his medical degree?
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    I don't understand why he doest want me to go to a doctor in the first place and if i do too see "their" doctor.
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Just curious----do you feel any better after having the day off?
  7. jumpman23

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    It's because their crooked n shady about everything
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    Just curious----which of your supervisors does your annual check-up for you?
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    You should be calling your shop steward ASAP...not posting about it on the internet.
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    It's only a flesh wound!
  11. Number24

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    File ASAP.
  12. Number24

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    Your personal dr. or the "sup's" Dr.
  13. Mfrancisco91

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  14. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You need to notify your supervisor and then go to your doctor.
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    Nor should you. A pulled back muscle will take 7 to 10 days to heal. That's just human physiology.

    The ugly part is that in that time, and occupational therapist will "get theirs". They'll schedule an initial appointment and then one 5 days later to determine that you need another visit the following week. By then if you rest it it should be fine but not because of any special medical attention.

    Of course it might be wise to see the doctor just in case it's something more serious. My doctor explained me like this: the human spine is completely misformed for the purpose it serves and is thus injury and more concerning reinjury. Best to take care of it now and for all the years going forward.
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  16. bbsam

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  17. andrsnbkj

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    I would file regardless go to there Doctor you won't have to pay a doctors bill it just covers yourself if something turns out serious with your injury.
  18. Indecisi0n

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    Were you at least offered a full physical from the sup?
  19. Biofallout

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    Just remember to still pay your union dues so you keep up with payments
  20. Retiree

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    If you are injured, report it to your immediate supervisor. He/she is not a doctor and should not be giving medical advice. If you are in pain, tell them you want to see a doctor. Depending on what state you are in you may have to see an in network medical provider for the visit to be paid as a work comp claim. If you are truly injured (not just sore), don't let them talk you out of reporting an injury or seeking medical attention. You have rights under state workers comp law.