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    Well, the other day at work. I was involved in a freak accident. the supervisor during the rush peroid threw a package he wanted into the truck and it hit my tooth(the package had metal contents in it). In doing so, my gums had trauma which loosened my tooth. so they took me to THEIR doctor and he acted like nothing was wrong.But i kno my teeth. So they said if it hurts anymore go to my dentist. So i do that, ii get there and they say ups dont have me on their plan. Ive been there for about 40 days. They fixed my tooth which will heal in time and they cleaned them. Now will ups pay for the whole bill or just the portion of them checking my teeth? and with ups healthcare am i fully covered? as in i can go to the dentist or doctor whenever i want and get check up and they will pay for it? Any help will be good . thank you
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    Good question. I would think that the supervisor in question, if the incident did indeed unfold the way that you described, would/should pay for this out of his own pocket, or at least the portion that is not covered by insurance. By no means should any of this come out of your pocket. I would simply sit down with him and ask him what course of action he intends to follow on this before taking this above his head.

    Let us know how this unfolds.
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    First mistake was going to a UPS doctor....ALWAYS go to YOUR doctor...I believe its 60 days until the benefits kick in (under the old contract.)
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    Be sure this gets paid by the company!!! If not you have a great lawsuit. Why was this suit even handling pkgs.? Even more, why was he throwing them? He of all people should know that isn't the proper METHODS!!!!!
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    Call in and file an injury report.
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    For a work related injury?
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    You havent been reading this site for long have you? Theres stories on here about company doctors clearing ups workers even when its apparent they werent cleared to go back to work
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    well theyre probably going to make you go to their doctor anyway, but make sure if you dont agree with what is said you see your private practioner too.

    in this case though, to work anywhere the employer must keep insurance for all employees against work related injuries, so they should be paying for this injury, you need to fill out a injury report form (your supervisor should have had you fill it out) and in most states if an injury isnt reported in a reasonable amount of time (2 business days up here) they get a fatty fine from DOL and get on lib mut's bad side
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    The visual image of getting hit in the tooth with a package made me cringe.
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    He can choose any doctor he wants to UPS cannot make him go to their doctor
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    I believe they can if you want them to pay for it. I was told once by our insurance company(CS) that they will not cover a work related injury.
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    Long enough to know that most advice givin when this happens is call an attorney.
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    It's pretty simple, work related injury....Workers Comp claim. You can go to the doctor of YOUR choice provided that doctor accepts WC claims. The company's insurance carrier has to pay reasonable compensation to the doc.
    The company can make you see their doc before you are released to go back to work and they have to pay for that also. The first Doc you see regarding an on job injury it the treating Doc of record and stays that way unless you go through the proper channels to change.
    Managers have been known to tell you incorrect things to keep a lost time accident off the books. Your next step is to get the union involved to make sure you are protected as the contract and the law allows.
  14. Johney

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    I know I'm guilty of it(I said I never would again:wink2:)and others too, but looking here for workers comp advice really is not in anyones best interest(not knocking this site/members by any means). Workers Comp laws vary from state to state. Seek the advice of an attorney in your state if you feel you are being mistreated or have ?'s about your rights.
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    depending on what state you live in, this sound like a classic workers comp situation.