Innocent Until Proven Guilty


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Like most people, it's hard to not be judgemental when a person charged with some crime is shown in the media and reported as the one who did the deed. However this story below should make us sitback and ponder on that thinking as it is possible that the person originally charged with a crime is in reality innocent. I know these cases aren't common but as technology advances we seem to here more and more of people, many convicted and having serves years of time in jail are freed as a result of evidence finally coming forth showing the person was innocent.

NE - Innocent Girl Held A Week In North Platte Jail

I believe it was Jefferson who once said that it was better for 10 guilty men to go free than for one innocent to be falsily condemned and imprisoned. How many of us would go the opposite direction in the chase for security and protection? It is a tough balance, no argument from me!