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    Well, there is a job opening in my area for the position of a Handler. I have been waiting about a month for this job to be posted as I have someone close to me that has been working for FedEx for 28 years and is now a Supervisor. So, chances of getting the job are pretty good. Just a few questions and would really appreciate it if you could help me out with them.

    I have a few questions that I wanted to ask, but I didn't really want to ask him as I didn't want him to feel like I was asking too many questions and/or was skeptical about what he was telling me.
    • The position I applied for is a 6:30 PM ET - 11:00 PM ET shift. I am more interested in working the grave yard shift instead. My question is, how long do I have to wait before I put in a request to be moved to the early morning shift once a position is available.
    • I am only 19 years of age, therefore, I am very interested in attending college. I have not been able to further my education thus far as I have ran threw a couple minimum wage jobs since High School. With that being said, this is my first "Career Opportunity" so I am not sure how a big company like this works. Any help on this?
    • What responsibilities does a Handler have with FedEx? I seen a preview video of it while applying for the job. But, of course its all scripted. Was wondering what a day in the Handling position really consists of.
    • I understand that FedEx does not let lateness/unexcused absentees go over lightly. Which, I completely understand and I do not blame them at all for strongly enforcing this policy. But, what I am trying to get at is, how long to you have to hold the Handler position before you try and do something else. How do raises work?
    • I have heard that the hiring process lasts about a month. How true is this? And what does it consist of?
    I know this is not a FedEx forum and some may not know that answers to these questions but could not find a forum similar to this one. I found only one other forum for FedEx, and it was deserted. I know I wouldn't have gotten any reply.

    If someone could help me out with a couple responses for these questions, I would really appreciate it!

    Thank you Very Much!

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    This is all information about FedEx GROUND.

    I don't know about the first one.

    As far as I know, there are little to no advancement opportunities for package handlers. The HR website is down right now, so I'm not sure long you have to wait, if you have to wait, to do something else.

    There's a few different jobs for PH's. I'm a loader. I spend 3-4 hours a night non-stop stacking boxes, bags, and various non-contained (IC) items, then I go home. When you get assigned your job, that will be your permanent position, I but believe you can apply for a different job within the company. As far as raises, your hourly wage goes up by $0.25 after your first month then another 25 cents every three months until you get to nine months. At a year, you 50 cents a year until you max out at 4 years.

    If that was confusing, here:

    Start 11.00
    1 month 11.25
    3 months 11.50
    6 months 11.75
    9 months 12.00
    1 year 12.50
    2 years 13.00
    3 years 13.50
    4 years 14.00

    You're about right on the month long process for hiring.

    1. You have to attend a mandatory sort observation (about a 5 minute tour of a part of the building). Then you fill out the application while you're there.
    2. Wait for them to call you for an interview. I waited about 4 days.
    3. Interview.
    4. They send out for the background check. That takes 3-5 days. If it's clean, they put you on the "waiting to start" list.
    5. When they have an opening, they call you to start.

    Overall, it was like 2 1/2 weeks for me to start.
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    Thanks for your help. Really did help a lot.

    But, I am actually going for FedEx Express at the airport.

    Do you think it will be any different?
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    I currently work for FedEx Express as a PH.

    If its Express your thinkin about, you will need to wait 6 months till you can apply for a position at your local facility, and 12-18 months to transfer anywhere else in the U.S.

    On my shift at the facility I work at, the day starts with a madatory group stretch and flex (thats rather worthless IMO), and then you go where ever you feel like working that day for the sort. The A.M. shift does things a little different in that they actually have a weekly rotation for employees so they know exactly what they are doing...It really just depends on your managers style.

    No, FedEx isnt very big on the idea of being late. I cant speak for ground, but at express they have a 90% rule (or something like that), for attendance. Basically for every 100 days you work, you could call in 10 and still be in the clear...but you only gets 5 days paid sick leave per year, so you wouldnt get paid for some of your absenses if you went by this.

    Express hourly positions are based on seniority...If you see a position, you put in a bid for it, and if no one above you in seniority bids on it, you get it. There are also waiverable positions where no one has bid on them and as a last resort they will allow you to bid on them and waive your contract time to fill in internally before it gets kicked out to the general public. Salary positions and team leads "highly over rated IMO" are all based on interview, not seniority. And FYI, there are ALWAYS open positions...just depends on if you want to move or are at a station/ramp with high turnover.

    As for college, Express has a tuition reinbursment program and will reimburse you for up to 3K for your education, provided you meet the GPA requirements. Other perks are at Express you have full benefits just like the full timers from day 1, except for medical benefits which kick in at 90 days (typical anywhere though).

    I used to work for ground a few years ago while working on my bachelors, and now that im back in grad school and a broke student again I chose to come back....between the two Express is the better choice (at least to me).

    As for your feelings, you are right to be skeptical. Heck im still skeptical lol. You will read alot of stuff on this forum, both good and bad (probably mostly bad on here). Is this the company it once was? No. Is there room for improvement? Always. Are there things that will piss you off and not make sense? Of course (im currently compiling to write a book about it all complete with suggestions, graphs, statistical analysis, and some accounting to send to corporate). Bottom line is its a job in a tough economic time. My best advice would be to treat it as such and do as FedEx does, take care of yourself first...and in the mean time, if opportunity presents itself to move up within FedEx Id say go for it...but always keep your options open. ;)
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    Oh, Express pays more than ground too. One other thing...Express doesnt care how many hours you work as part time, so long as you dont go over 40 unless they really need you (like durring peak). Im part time and got 38 hours last week. All you hafta do is sign up for extra shifts and most times they will pick you up to work them, so long as they have a need for you.
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    Damn, that makes Ground look like total crap.

    I wonder if there's an Express hiring near me.
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    Ok. Thanks for all of the responses guys. Truly gave me a better understanding of everything.

    I really do appreciate it.