Interesting facts about Fred I did not know....

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    Talk about two different viewpoints. Oh, and when Fred ran over the handyman, he was drunk. I guess they forgot to mention that. If the second site is even remotely true, Fred is even worse than I thought.
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    the first part is all true.

    the second part, i cannot comment on due to little or no facts, feedback, or hearsay.

    his father, on the cotton plantation , did build decent and modern houses for his employees, but the employees quickly turned them into a getto, thus dampering his father's willingness to render help anymore.

    smith's 12-15 typed pages for his term paper was nothing new. ups was doing it in the 1930s, but do to the depression and the fact it was ahead of it's time, overnight air del. was dropped.

    if you want to know fred personally read fed ex policy. fred screws the worker every chance he gets, pay attention you AT WILL EMPLOYEE , and it was written back in 1973, long before you showed up or maybe even were conceived.

    fred had plans to screw you 30 years in the future.
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    The second link sounds like a vendetta, but if even a fraction of it is true, watch the lawyers come out of the woodwork. Over the years, I've heard a lot of racist crap coming from Memphis, but never on the record. Mostly, it's been individuals with racist ideologies, and not the company as a whole. However, when I was in Memphis and Arkansas for company training, I saw blatant racism first-hand. I don't think the South has really changed all that much beneath the surface. I also wouldn't doubt that FedEx has some big-time racists in high places. Lots of accusations, but not much proof on the "plantation".

    Try Googling Smith's killing of the 54 year-old pedestrian. I've tried many times and found nothing about it nor the fact that Smith was drunk. I'm guessing that a lot of hush money found it's way to the victim's family. Also, how do you run someone over and not even realize it? I would call that felony hit and run, plus vehicular manslaughter and drunk driving. Amazing how the justice system works for someone who is a big somebody in a nothing town, isn't it? Anyone else would be spending 20 years in prison getting cozy with a cellmate named Bubba.
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    Details are mentioned in this book.
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    From the first article...


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    Good old fred, I always say what goes around comes around.
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    I think Fred's lack of character and integrity speak for themselves. Besides killing the pedestrian, and swindling his sisters, he has also cheated on several wives and subsequently married the object of his affection(s). I believe that all of them were his personal "secretaries". Ask American Trans Air if Fred lives-up to his contractual obligations. Oh, that's right, you can't. ATA is no longer in business...thanks to Fred.

    If what goes around comes around, Fred is due for some hard times. He deserves it.
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    And your point is?
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    He's not a good guy. How do you run someone over and not notice it? Or, how do you forge the name of your sisters on financial papers by mistake? R-A-T.
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    I didn't know you had to be, what you consider, a 'nice guy' to run a company. By the way, have you looked at our US Congress members lately? And all they do is run the country.


    Let's not get into the scandals that those folks get themselves embroiled in.
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    I am merely pointing out that you don't have to be, what MFE considers, a 'nice guy'. And what I mentioned about the Congress people aren't 'scandals', they are felony convictions.


    For you, me and everyone else, they are felonies. For the rich, famous and powerful they are scandals.

    I know, I know...if you put a dress on a pig, it's still a pig, but those rules do not apply to them (the aforementioned rich, famous and powerful)...and then they would also want to know why you had a pig in a dress to begin with...that's a scandal on our end of the spectrum.