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    Many of Amsterdam’s 1200+ bars and cafés are known as so-called ‘Brown Cafés.’ This is in reference to their dark but cozy interiors: woody surroundings framed by nicotine-stained walls and ceilings. Even some of the newer pubs are carefully decorated in this - “we’re older than other cafés” - style.
    Amsterdammers see their local bar (’kroeg‘ in colloquial Dutch) as an extension - or sometimes even replacement - of their own living room. Whether you read the newspapers over your daily cup of coffee, meet a friend for lunch or a quick bite, or imbibe a few beers after work, for many people their favorite bar inevitably becomes a home away from home.
    The best way to find a brown café is to simply walk around and pop into the nearest place that looks like it would fit the description.
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    I've been telling my wife this about bars for years but she ain't buying it:wink2:
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