international auditor position?


just hired

After a couple of weeks after my 2nd interview, I accepted a position as an international auditor instead of a package handler. Does anyone know what that job entails? Also, what are the scecifications about the type of work boot we are supposed to wear? color? Steal toe? Thanks


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you got a easier job, be grateful,(physically). This job usually goes to the ladies, and homos!
Your basicly auditing international packages to make sure they have the proper documents for customs.

just hired

I actually wanted to just be a package handler but since I was a student, they insisted that I do this position. Oh well.

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yeah, a job given to the ladies ...if you arent one of these, feels blessed, you will spend most of your time talking to women


The job requires a lot of data entry and a knowledge of geography. ( Ive met some people really think Canada is a part of France because some Canadians speak French.)


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Its an easy job...I don't do it myself and have never signed up to because I like my job- I load on the airdock and am across the belt from the ODC auditors. They sit and talk for a good part of the night, do their little computer thing, and generally have it made. When they're done, they sit and talk some more. And they don't help in any other area of the building- no unloading, no helping with bulk, no washing, nothing. They do their thing and leave when they want. It's not just for the women where I'm at- the new women at my center all get started in smalls. When I started (that was a few friend/t sups ago- 7 years) we ALL had to put in our time loading. I personally think everyone should. The new women now have it made. Anyway, our ODC people are a mix- one female, two to three males auditing (ages 24 to 45) and one guy pulling packages off the belt to be audited.


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The women that start in smalls and never load or unload will never make it as drivers. They will be totally unprepared for the hard physical labor and the "sense of urgency" you have to have in delivering. They may think they have it made now, but they are committing themselves to a life of parttime work at UPS. Or, they are going to school and will get good paying jobs and will not be crippled at 50.