internet privacy and big data

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    so ive heard about big data (and the profits it reaps) before, and ive heard about how companies are using your data and hand it over to human resources at potential employers so they have more of an idea of who you are, which to me is totalitarian and might encourage people to self censor like the novel 1984.

    i also heard chris hedges and robert scheer mention this, and i basically looked into what i can do to try and protect myself.

    EFF im pretty sure has worked with or been supported by julian assange, greenwald, snowden, anonymous...all the good guys.

    anyways i started using "Tor browser" on the default settings. ive heard of it before. a little slower but hopefully it protects me more. i also use the search engine it comes with, because google causes problems. when it doesnt work, or if i dont wanna use it, i just use firefox.
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    In that case, I sure hope your name is not Ricky Brown or you will continue to be unemployable.
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    its "Sir ricky bobby the wise".

    and i got a job today and i earn $7/hr more than i did at ups...mommy and daddy are so prouuuud