Is AARP Liberal?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by texan, Aug 20, 2012.

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    Is AARP Liberal?

    Once called the American Association of Retired Persons, the AARP is the largest grassroots
    organization nationwide with over 38 million members. Presumably representing Americans
    of all political stripes, the organization states that it “helps people 50 and over improve the
    quality of their lives.”

    But there’s a catch. Since 2007, AARP board members have given almost exclusively to Democrats, with
    more than 97 percent of donations going to Democrat candidates and left-leaning causes, totaling over
    $22,000. None was given to Republican candidates during that time.

    Since Obama took office AARP has certainly been a friend of his. It supported his signature health care
    law despite gutting Medicare by $500 billion over ten years to help pay for Obamacare’s expansion of
    Medicaid and taxpayer-funded health care to millions of Americans currently on private insurance
    or uninsured.
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    I think it's more of a paying the piper.
  3. moreluck

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    I tore up my AARP card and all the mail I get from them.
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    So what if it is "liberal"? It's become such a dirty word to some of you that you forget the real question: do the do thei honest best to serve their members? You really can't expect them to sign on to a Paul Ryan type of system when they have seen both the increased costs their members would face in the future and a trickle down philosophy that at best is seriously lacking in a payoff for the 99%.
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    I tear up stuff from American Express too.......

    Where did I say AARP was liberal?
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    I've never joined AARP but I have used their "Temporary Membership" card they enclose in their junk mail to get a discount at some motels that don't honor AAA.
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    Now thats smart!!!:thumbsup:
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    Does a bear poop in the woods?

    I belong to AARP and I read the newsletter they send.

    I don't agree with many of their political positions.

    They represent the elderly (over 50) to the detriment of the less than 50.

    They give out a lot of information to help one make responsible choices and sponsor laws and regulations that help you if you don't.
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    Yes sir great post or thought, but the answer to the bear question, I have proof: