Is Brown Bolting SC?

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    Is Brown Bolting SC? - Fitsnews

    Could United Parcel Service (UPS) be the latest casualty in South Carolina’s “Amazonian War?”

    The Atlanta-based shipping company – which has operated a 313,000-foot facility at the Columbia Metropolitan Airport since 1996 – was reportedly counting on online retailer to build its “fulfillment center” in Lexington County.

    Not only would the Amazon center have provided a steady stream of business for UPS – but it would have reportedly provided the impetus for the completion of a new access road that UPS has been wanting for years.

    The Amazon project looks like a goner, however, after the S.C. House of Representatives overwhelmingly rejected a sales tax “safe harbor” for the company last week – a move that many claim was a sop to Walmart, which announced a major South Carolina expansion on Wednesday.