Is It Just A Tall Tale

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  1. I heard something about UPS is looking at ABF anyone know anything about this, or is it a big Tale?
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    I heard the same thing. Makes you wonder why a Company such as UPS would even consider a PRO UNION company as ABF!
    Bottom line...No it’s not true! Probably TALL tales produce by the Teamsters. It wouldn’t be the first time the teamster put out that kind of propaganda and probably won't be the last!
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    One might even interpret your above comments to be baseless propaganda put out by the APWA with the lack of substantive evidence not shown. Oops there I go making a baseless comment.
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    I don`t know if that`s true but I do know they were looking at buying Yellow Freight a couple of years ago.
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    Here's a short list of all the freight rumors I can remember. Carolina(bought by ABF)big mistake, bad business model. CF out of business 2 years later.
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    Conway freight was closed and all the work was transfered to their non union carrier ccx. And if you dont think that wont happen possibly with ups and ups freight keep working without getting involved with your local union and helping organize ups freight!
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    I promised you an article here it is hope you can stomach it.

    Hoffa Takes Aim at Your Right to Vote
    By TDU Created 2007-03-05 20:33
    Hoffa won the election and deserves to serve as our Teamster president. But he, and other top officers, should respect Teamster democracy and fair, supervised elections. Instead, they are working to make the 2006 Teamster election the last.
    In 2001, President Hoffa supported an amendment to the Teamster Constitution to establish members’ right to elect International Union officers and convention delegates. But today top Hoffa administration officials are publicly attacking Teamster elections.
    What explains the Hoffa administration’s U-turn and what can Teamsters do to protect our Right to Vote?
    In two recent union publications, International Vice President Fred Gegare and International Carhaul Director Fred Z opposed members’ Right to Vote and openly praised the old system where local union officials automatically served as convention delegates.
    Gegare and Zuckerman each have their reasons for taking away members’ right to elect our convention delegates. Zuckerman was humiliated when Local 89 members defeated his slate and elected 17 rank-and-file delegates who supported Tom L.
    Gegare, the chairman of the Central States Fund who voted to cut members’ pensions (while having four pensions himself) knows that rank-and-file delegates were the main supporters of amendments to hold pension fund trustees accountable to Teamster members.
    But Gegare and Zuckerman are not launching free-lance attacks based on their personal agendas.
    L Ghostwrites Articles
    The articles in the Wisconsin Teamster and the Local 89 Teamster were signed by Gegare and Zuckerman, but were actually written by Richard L, a top advisor to President Hoffa and his chief spokesperson during the 2006 election. That explains how two officials in different states use the exact same words in their “personal” columns.
    It’s all part of a Hoffa administration effort to maintain elections for IBT officers in the constitution, but eliminate the Right to Vote in practice.
    Hoffa can’t come out against Teamster democracy directly. He needs to be able to tell the Justice Department that Teamsters have the Right to Vote in our constitution to be successful in negotiations with the Justice Department to end the Consent Decree and government oversight of our union.
    Hoffa’s U-Turn
    So Hoffa champions the Right to Vote as a constitutional principle, while he fights any attempts by members to exercise their Right to Vote in practice.
    In 2006, Hoffa tried to block the nomination of all opposition candidates and his campaign repeatedly denounced his opponents for “wasting our union’s money” by running for office.
    Top Hoffa administration officials have repeatedly gone on the record in support of a change to the election rules to increase the amount of delegate support that candidates would need to get on the ballot.
    Hoffa’s own spokesman has put it in writing that Teamster members should lose the right to elect Convention delegates.
    Hoffa’s plan is clear. Change the nomination formula. Eliminate elected delegates. And presto! Members would still have the constitutional Right to Vote for International Union officers, but it would be impossible for any opposition candidates to run.
    Hoffa won the election and deserves to serve as our Teamster president. But he, and other top officers, should respect Teamster democracy and fair, supervised elections. Instead, they are working to make the 2006 Teamster election the last.

    Hope you enjoyed it.
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    Speculation is that UPS Freight DID just buy someone, but mum's the word from management. Rumor is Estes since Cochran's family owns controlling interrest. Has been said by Estes drivers that it's not for sale, but if it was, it would only be to Big Brown. Interresting?
    As far as the ABF rumor, UPS Freight is working on Union contract negotations with the Indy terminal, and once that's settled, it'll be offered nationwide to the rest of the company. Interresting?