Is there some way to test or verify an EIN number before shipping to the USA?

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by JustSumGuy, Feb 21, 2012.

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    I started the previous thread about experiencing delays when shipping stuff from Canada to the USA. In the current situation it turns out that US customs rejected or had some sort of problem with the EIN number of the recipient (in this case, the Dorn VA medical center in Columbia SC). So we're trying to work with the recipient to put the correct EIN number in the hands of US customs. This isin't the first time we had to scramble to get an EIN number that US customs didn't have a problem with. Does anyone know just what is it about any given EIN number that US Customs has issues with? The digits don't add up? What I'd really like to know is -> in the future, is there some way we can "test" the recipient's EIN tax number to see if it's acceptible to US customs *before* we ship the item?
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    Since you are the customer, and FedEx is supposed to assist you when you utilize their services, why not toss this back to the FedEx International Desk and make them get you the answer. You're paying big bucks to get something there overnight, and it isn't happening. Let them figure out a solution for you that works every time you ship a package with us.
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    Don't do it by email, it's really easy for them to reply with some canned excuse that way. Get the internation desk on the phone and talk to a live person.
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    The package is still being held up somewhere in the brokerage process. I spoke with a Fedex agent 1/2 hour ago. In the notes, it says that the problem with the EIN number is that someone (either the Fedex broker or US Customs) is claiming the EIN number is "out of date". They apparently require the CFO of the recipient to obtain a letter from the IRS claiming that the EIN number is correct or up-to-date. I did some searching on the internet and it appears that EIN numbers - once issued - do not require any sort of updating or re-registering. So it's not clear how they can ever become "out of date". The recipient of the package is stick-handling this on their end and there's nothing more that we can do. If I learn anything more that's interesting about how this situation resolves itself I'll post it here. (the recipient is the VA medical center in columbia SC - so go figure how their EIN number can be screwed up...)