Is this allowed? (about skilled positions)

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    Hey So I had a quick question I am a sorter on our local sort so I get the dollar extra for being "skilled." Well I just found out recently that for a couple of months one of the trucks being loaded on my belt has become a skilled position too. I am not sure the reasoning behind it or what but is this even allowed? Can just a regular loader be getting skilled pay? also, if they are, wouldn't that mean us sorters should get more since we are not only sorting the belt but also that skilled position? seems pretty fishy to me. what are your thoughts?
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    interesting question. Don't think your union would fight to have less skilled positions. No contract language to exceed the current dollar.
  3. sx2700

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    Just be grateful you get the extra buck. They claim ours is a small center therefore no skilled positions. What a bunch of crap. We still have to memorize all the zip codes and sorts, so :censored2::censored2::censored2: is the difference?
  4. I havent seen too much from our sorters to make me think they should be getting ANY sort of skilled pay.
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    hah! we get crazy down in vegas.. even with this ridiculous summer heat :anxious:
  6. In my building all the sorters and loaders get the same pay and they are both skilled
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    mine too
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    the only ones that get the buck up here is preload, which isnt really skilled anymore bc oif the PAS labels, while i have guys learning zips for half of asia go figure
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    Does the person loading the truck have more seniority than the sort aisle? That would trigger a "skilled" pay rate.
  10. drewed

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    nope hired that way
  11. 705red

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    Sure a regular loader could receive skill pay. You as a sorter are guaranteed your dollar more if they pull you out of the sort to load a truck.
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    I loaded package cars and was given skilled pay right after my probation period. I didn't know what it was back then but I didn't question the extra dollar an hour.

    On my check the current rate would read $8.50
    But I would get paid $9.50
    We had pass then, though I believe it was pretty new.
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    I just realized from working in a hub that the difference between small center and hub is massive. I sorted, picked off in small buildings and its usually 4-6 belts or two-three pick belts.

    Here in the hub its 13 belts and a pretty arduous task of learning the sort. It's about 10x more skilled to pickoff or sort than a small center, at least in my experiences.
  14. sx2700

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    I believe the point is that in the contract it reads that anybody that sorts or preloads gets paid. Our preloaders get paid, our sorters do not. If it says in the contract that small centers don't get paid extra for sorting then so be it, otherwise where's my money? BTW we have one belt.:wink2:
  15. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    How about "past practices"? if the practice never was an extra dollar, I don't see why it should just magically show up. This is just playing Devils advocate. Plus, how can you sort to one belt? :happy2:
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    It's small sort into bins. Smalls are over 60% of our volume. We have something like 48 destinations that we sort to so it is a lot of memorizing zip codes, splits, and ground/2DA. Maybe they don't consider "small sort" sorting.
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    smalls to centers around the HUB i work in are a relative term...the other day i got a bag with 2 packages in that was like 3in^3, the other was about 2 ft on all sides.....pretty sure u cant hold that in one hand easily.
  18. Mike Hawk

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    Some people are used to holding a bigger package than others:happy-very::happy-very::happy-very: