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    To: UPS Retirees & Family

    It is being reported that UPS is transporting refugees from Muslim countries to the United States in converted UPS cargo planes. It is also being reported that during the last five years over 680,000 refugees from Muslim countries have already come into the U.S. and whisked away in buses to undisclosed locations through our government and private religious, etc. organizations.

    UPS has denied their involvement but these reports persist.

    The video also alleges that Snopes (the fact checking website) has helped with the cover up about UPS's involvement, etc.

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    If it is true, we can no longer trust our government.

    And it will be time to overthrow the whole lot of them.

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    And the tin foil hat award goes to @moreluck.
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    Hey, this was sent out by UPS Retirees..... to all retirees.......they brought it up. I asked a legitimate question.
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    Check the logo on the tail of the's the old maybe those pictures of people exiting were the travelers they used to transport back in '07 or so. The people all look hunched over some like elderly....they don't look like Syrian refugees.
    Good detective work !
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    Hubby posted this on that site....

    I see some misinformation from this video. First the picture showing people exiting a UPS aircraft and entering busses is old. The UPS logo on the aircraft has not been used since 2003. Also UPS tried using aircraft on the weekends for charter services from 1997 until 2001 and stopped. The tail number is no longer being used. Now for the guy showing the video. He says there are FBI vehicles in the back and front of the busses. So how was he able to get right up behind it then. So I was not there with him and maybe he saw what he says he saw but for it being night he has an awful lot of information.
    Also if this happened during November or December, UPS does not extra aircraft to use for this purpose. As far as Snopes goes I agree they are very much to the left. I say just show me video proof of people getting off any aircraft and not just following Busses. It would be great if he could have showed us where they actually went.
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    Do you send checks to Nigerians?
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    Tin foil hat awards aside.......

    I actually wouldn't put it past the company to transport refugees.

    The company will shave PT'ers time cards a few minutes here and a few minutes there...they will make "human errors" on FT'ers timecards knowing the FT'er won't say anything.....

    What do you suppose the company would do if the government waved a large sum of money under the table for an op that, just coincidentally, occurs in the dead of the night?
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    I agree. I wouldn't bet my life UPS wouldn't do it, if conditions were right.