Is UPS Finally Getting It? Top Exec Offers Some Evidence

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    Is UPS Finally Getting It? Top Exec Offers Some Evidence - Streetsblog

    Earlier this month, Thomas Madrecki, the director of Urban Innovation and Mobility for UPS, published an op-ed in Coord that called for “safer, less congested and more livable streets.” But the piece was definitely not a stinging rebuke of his own company, whose drivers block bike lanes, park illegally and double-park all over the city. So Streetsblog Editor Gersh Kuntzman reached out to the D.C.-based Madrecki to fill in the yawning gap between his piece and reality. Here is a transcript of that interview, edited only for length and clarity.
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    Ima read this..hold on
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    They actually pay this guy Madrecki to come up with this cockamamie stuff?
    He should be writing for the Onion.
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    If it doesn't fit you must acquit!
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    Unless it's Trump!
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    In most cities, paying parking fines is normal business practice.
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    Double parking is a temporary problem in that the UPS/FEDEX/AMAZON driver is only there to complete a delivery. If they were there for hours, or all day, I could see the point. Concessions should be made for the delivery provider. If that isn't forthcoming, deliveries where legal parking isn't available should be Held for Pickup. A different perspective for the complainant might change their attitude.
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