Is UPS saving money on working feeder`s 4 ten hour days versus 5 eight hour days?

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    Here is an example.We have 4 drivers doing 5 eight hour days with each getting 2 hours overtime each day.UPS changes these jobs to 4 ten hour days.To do this you will need to add another driver doing 4 ten hour days to cover the other 4 drivers 5th day.Here is my math on the 5 eights $30x40hrs=$1200.+$45x10hrs(O.T.)=$450.Total$1650 each driver x 4drivers=$6600 is UPS`s cost for the week.Here is my math on using the 4 tens.$30x40=$1200 per driver.5 drivers=$6000 UPS`s cost.Looks like UPS is saving $600 a week by using 4 tens versus 5 eights.$600x52 weeks=$31,200 yearly savings? However factor in the cost of the extra driver needed to cover the 4 ten jobs.Health & welfare each month$1222 + pension $1446 each month total $2668.Take 12 months x this=$32,016.$31,200 yearly savings is reduced to losing $816.Plus did not take into account extra driver`s holidays,sick days,vacations,UPS paying matching social security,training,uniforms,etc.I know I am just a dumb truck driver and maybe I am missing something so would someone please tell me where is the savings?
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    This was a negotiated item in a contract long, long ago before UPS went public.
    Would you desire that UPS eliminate 4-10 routes?
    Ask your union to ask for it in the next contract and I imagine UPS would seriously entertain that - depending on what the Union would be willing to give up for it.

    PS - I doubt if you are dumb but a quick grammar and punctuation lesson would help. :wink2:
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    Savings may depend on the types of runs the drivers are doing. If they're doing a planned 10 hr run, the company is paying 10 hrs OT to the 5 day driver, where as the sixth driver could cover the run the 5th day. In my area we have Sun-Thur jobs, Mon-Fri, and Tues-Sat, they just changed a lot of jobs to Sun-Thurs, on Sun the driver does something different than Mon-Thur, then another driver covers what used to be the Fri content of the job.
    It doesn't seem to make sense to me either but I'm also just a dumb truck driver. Some bean counter has probably spent 6mo studying volume trends, sat down with numerous spreadsheets and came up with the new plan. Someplace there may be some savings.
    Here is an example of the possible savings:

    Shuffling routes and change feeder projected savings: $5000.00 per year

    Cost of bean counters salary for six months $75000.00

    Time to recoup investment 15yrs

    Of course this is if everything goes according to plan. Your results may vary.
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    Hoaxster sorry about the grammar and punctuation but your reply isn`t on target with my post.I am asking someone to show me how UPS will save money by using the 4 ten hour days to replace the 5 eight hour days in my post?
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    Just giving you a hard time about the lack of spaces. :happy-very:

    I guess my point is that maybe 4-10s are not about saving money but complying with an agreement within the Teamster contract.
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    In our supplemental agreement the company can if they want to(don`t have to)use 4-tens for new work. They are playing the old shell game moving things around saying it is new work. But my point is why do this if it is not saving the company money? I am in Central Pa. now the new Mid Atlantic District our feeder manager is a very vindictive unhappy person. How he is getting away with making these changes look good to his boss I don`t know. Maybe more drivers will need more management. Don`t know what is going on inside his crazy head. Does not want any long runs out our building as long as he has anything to say about it that is a quote from him.
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    Usually districts don't do much of the planning of the cross-country feeder network.
    That is usually at a region or even more likely Corporate level since this is a larger system planning decision.
    The 4-10s would be put in in several legs across the country.
    The financial impact would be to reduce total number of drivers with the reduced turn-around time and reduction in total number of tractors and trailers necessary to support the system.
    It also could be to get earlier available of a load(s) into the final destination hub to increase service days or the availability of a load for the hub to process.
    It is really impossible to understand why it is done for one specific area when that area is just a small part of the overall system.
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    I understand there is a regional scheduler however our feeder manager has to be using his influence to keep runs away from us. Our location has every trucking company you can think of here. Our pickup up volume is one of the highest UPS has accross the whole country. I am sorry I am getting of off my original post so I am going to stop.
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    Just curious Wolfman,
    Do you not want to go to 4-10's?
    I would love to only have to work 4 days a week, even if one of the days was during the middle of the week (no 3 day weekend).
    Like I said, just curious.
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    four tens were one of those things we gave the union so they could have more full time jobs. I've never seen it save us any money on the montyly cost statement.
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    I'm on a 4/10. No OT to speak of. Maybe 1 or 2 hrs a week at most. My gross salary is down $17k from years past working a 5 day week. The 4/10's definitely hurt the drivers' pocket, but allow more time at home with family and friends.
    My Hub is still top heavy with too many Feeder Drivers, so working the 4/10's help spread the work load. Hopefully the OT will return with the Economy.
    Bottom line, I don't think the Company "saves" $ with 4/10 runs. 4/10's ad complexity to management's work load primarily with scheduling issues and payroll.
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    I'm confused--you say that "hopefully the OT will return with the economy". I thought that the main reason the company agreed to the 4/10's was to reduce OT, which is what happened in your case. Also, if you are already working 10 hours and we are limited to 12, how much more OT can you expect to get (or want) without working a 5th day, which would defeat the purpose of the 4/10? Your family will not remember (or care) how much you had in your wallet but they will remember (and care) how much time you were able to spend with them.
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    Where do I sign up for this 4/10 stuff? Annual pay be damned there`s no price too high for extra time off.
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    Hey the kids, they want a little caramel?
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    Perfect!. Just PERFECT!
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    GOOD POST I think we should deliver ground ressys and ndas on sat. Have 4 day work weeks sign me up tue thru saturday. ill take sun mon tue off. I have so many mondays off as it is. or an option 5. 8 hour days
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    your math is wrong for the drivers working 4 10hr days. overtime is paid daily after 8 hrs. so it should be 32hr x $30 = 960 and 8hr x $45 = 360 for a total of $1320
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    Are you sure about that? Read post #11.
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    n/m this
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    "When the existing feeder network will not adaquately meet the Employer's time and service needs...."premium service driver"...

    That does not look like catering to the union to me.

    To OP: Are your feeder jobs classified as what the NTL says? you may have a good argument, if not.