It's not about the money

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    Let's be honest with ourselves no one working at fedex is going to get rich working as a courier but all the complaints about the recent step progression system is about what's right,fair,ethical and probably very close to being what's legal.I myself am one of the employees with 10-15 years of service that is in step 2 while every employee hired within the past 3 years is in the same exact step maybe even hire.I see post saying if you don't like it then quit but this is not the answer to this situation..A employee who's put in 10,11 years is an employee who's comfortable with fedex, has made a living with fedex and are the employees who got hired back in 2005 or so weren't making what couriers with 10 years already were making.Back then fedex made it seem that seniority is what got you a higher salary so we figured we put in the time and we would be rewarded.I think it's safe to say that putting in 10 years or more at fedex is efficient enough to say you put in time.There's no specific amount that a 10 year person should make but for my market which is B/A $20 would be acceptable.I'm not a greedy person others may think more.
    Just because fedex makes rules,market changes and policies doesn't make them legal.honestly all the different market levels is a question mark in certain market have combined and employees who transferred from a higher market to a lower market not only had to lose pay but if they decided to go back to the higher market which now had merged with the lower market they wouldn't get a pay increase.
    I'm not saying what they have done isn't legal but talking on this sight won't fix the situation.Talking to someone outside of fedex may be the answer to have someone look into the situation and if enough chatter arises because of the severe salary compression,market level changes then maybe something can change. If nothing happens then we all suck it up like adults and allow fedex to pay newbies more than us I stated before it not about the money it's about what fair.2 year employee $17.50, 12 year employee $17.50. If this looks fair to you then say nothing if it doesn't then say everything you can
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    Won't lie.. tldr.. skimmed.. fair is fair. This happens everywhere, anytime min wage goes up, nobody else gets a raise. It's really not that much different, if at all.

    edit> to clarify, I don't know what you're trying to accomplish with this. There has been a TON of conversation about this already. You might threaten your boss that you'll leave and you need more money. It does work but it depends on the boss and timing, etc.
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    If you're paid like a new hire give them new hire productivity. This whole corporation seems bent on creating a workforce that couldn't care less about customer service. That's an interesting choice for the service industry.
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    That's my point you say this is happening everywhere so does that make it fair or 1 point women couldn't vote and that was fair, at 1 point slaves were the norm and that was fair and and 1 point women didnt get the same wages as men.obviously these comparisons are totally different nature but you get the point..things can possibly change for the country not just fedex if people talk..
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    Honestly, FedEx can do whatever the hell it wants with regards to wages and paying a 10-year veteran and new hire the same wage. It's not illegal. Messed up? Hell yes. Illegal? Nope. Not as long as they're not discriminating based on sex, age, religion, race, etc.

    Believe me, I'm just as irritated at what step I ended up on (step 2). I know full well that the idiot courier 3 trucks down from me with 2 years LESS service is on the same step as me and it's absolute bull:censored2:.
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    $20/hour after 10 years is fair? Meanwhile, a guy who got hired 10 years before you is making $10 more an hour than that. How about after 3-4 years you top out? That would be fair, considering the extreme tiered wage system FedEx has been getting away with for decades now.
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    I wont lie either... Show me the F--ing money! As IWBF said they are now getting entry level productivity from me.
  8. burrheadd

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    Lemme help ya out here Chief
    It's Always About the Money!!
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    Step 2 after 10-15 years? I'd like to know how that happened. I'm just over 16 and at step 8.

    As for being legal.....FedEx can freeze wage increases for 5 years if they wanted to. It's not illegal to not give raises.
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    No, it doesn't work at FedEx. You get what you get and like it or too bad. Mgrs don't have the power to get you more money and aren't going to stick their necks out for you.
  11. muckduck

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    Lots of variables Jackal.

    I agree that a lot is jacked up. Just like raises that aren't performance based.. at least at my station.

    So just dex 01 everything for peak..
  12. vantexan

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    We've got 10 year employees at my station on step two. I was making over $6hr less than top out when I quit in
    2013(rehire). I figure if I had stayed I'd be an 18 yr employee on probably step 5 or 6.
  13. muckduck

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    It takes the right crybaby and we have at least one that made it happen at our station van ;)

    timing, whining, etc.
  14. vantexan

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    Have never seen it and there must be extenuating circumstances. But more power to him.
  15. Nolimitz

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    happened way more than you want to believe!

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    Yes, give them what they pay for (next to nothing).
  17. El Morado Diablo

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    Our station is either Step 9's or Step 1's. Since the true nature of the market level "increase" and steps were revealed our Step 1's have protested by tanking their productivity. They've been very open about it to the point management is complaining that it's impossible for them to hit stops per hour when no one cares anymore. What a mess.
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    If it's NOT about the money then.........WHY WORK FOR NOTHING WHEN YOU CAN DO NOTHING FOR NOTHING?
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    Please elaborate more.what needs to be done..I'll start whining if that's what it takes and to who
  20. Yomama11

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    So how much money should you be at?
    Making the situation soley about money ruins the argument..the argument needs to be senior employees should never get paid the same or less than a non senior employee.especially in our field of work where performance means absolutely nothing.
    Then the money issue will be fixed from there.everyone wants more money for their job they do but isn't concerned about who works better than the next person so more money should be based on years of service