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    Today it was really hot.It was sticky and 86F .
    Muggy icky sweaty hot.2 weeks ago we were in the Dominican Republic and it was
    86F too,but it was dry heat.
    Is it muggy in Texas or Louisiana?
    I heard Arizona is a dry heat.
    Google it for me...ha I want real answers from you guys.
    A couple we met said St Lucia was really humid...
    What causes humidity?
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    We usually run a medium humidity....50% or so. My insulated mug of iced drink usually doesn't 'sweat' at all. The past few days, it has been a sweaty mug from the storm , hurricane Bud, down in Mexico.

    When we go to AZ. or Nevada, we are instantly noticing chapped lips and dry skin. When we go to Hawaii we get 'hit in the face' with the damp air.
    Humidity is why I don't like the South ...........and Ohio in August!!

    HowStuffWorks "What is relative humidity and how does it affect how I feel outs"

    HowStuffWorks "What is relative humidity and how does it affect how I feel outs"
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    The East Coast Southern states are very muggy.

    When one is close to the ocean on the mid to lower Eatern states, it can be very muggy and humid.

    It is also that way in Missouri in the summer.

    We use to monitor the wet-bulb in the Army for training soldiers there.
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    AZ is a dry heat, at least right now. The monsoon season hasn't started yet. It is HOT! Supposed to be one of the hottest summers on record. It is supposed to be nearly 100 by the 1st of June at my center. The humidity is in the high single digits to low double digits. Daytime %'s are 7 - 10%.
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