Jarrett's New Teammate in 2003'

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by wkmac, Aug 15, 2002.

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    Appears silly season finally winding down. Reports are that Sunday the long standing rumor will be official. Elliot Sadler will join Jarrett at RYR driving the #27 M&M's car in 2003'. #28 Texaco will go to Ganassi Racing and they are currently talking with Rudd about driving. Holdup appears to be base salary for the driver. The #27 was a big holdup because M&M's wanted that number but Bill Davis had it for his rookie driver Scott Wimmer's entry into Cup. Appears now that BDR sold the rights to M&M and Yates and this helped secure the deal. Good to see another South Boston Speedway Saturday night regular join the Burton Brothers with a strong ride. Plus I love that Virgina drawl.
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    Am from Emporia and know Elliott's dad from way back. Good family! Glad to see him in Jarrett's company.
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    wkmac, elliott might be driving the 27 car next year, but it won't be because bill davis racing sold the number to robert yates. there isn't a team in nascar winston cup racing that owns the numbers on their car. nascar owns all numbers and if they wanted to they can assigned them to any team they want.
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    According to several sources (jayski for one) BDR had secured the #27 for Scott Wimmer's entry fulltime into WC and had contractual ownership for at least 2003'. Just like Richard Childress Racing still controls the #3 "BUT" the rules do require the number to be used over a certain period of time or NASCAR will take it back for reissue. It's really a mute point anyway but I do have one question. Why is the #27 so important to M&M's in the first place?
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    the only reason it is a moot(proper spelling) is because this is one question the great wkmac does not know any thing about.
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    Any particular reason that you want to be such an "ass" spud or does it just come naturally?
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    Actually I don't know how to spell moot either! Thanks for grading my paper. I guess this means I get an "F"!

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    for you UPS79,

    "Ricky Rudd was again the center of attention yesterday. However there was still no word from Rudd and car owner Chip Ganassi or car owner Robert Yates and Elliott Sadler over their plans. Sources said that 'a roadblock' had sprung up in the negotiations and that it was unclear if the problem was squabbling over car numbers or if the problem was related to contract problems between Yates and incoming sponsor M&M Mars.

    Mike Brown, general manager for Bill Davis, said, "We're the holdup. The guy at MMs likes number 27, but that's our number, for Scott Wimmer. Let them use number 89 or something."

    Word now is the Rudd/Ganassi deal has collasped.