Jax/President Ct Hub Info


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Looking for info on these 2 buildings.If one were to work PT at president ct building(think its called river city hub) and wanted to become FT either in package or feeder does anyone know guesstimate how long wait list is?
Also, is there seperate FT waiting list for both buildings? Meaning if someone is on FT wait list at river city and a FT position opens in jax hub would you get the call? Reason im asking is the buildings are really close and I know quite a few people who are supposedly going to be starting at river city after being laid off from freight and was trying to see if i could help them with some info.
Lastly,how long does one have to work PT to become eligible to put your name on the FT waiting list? Can you put your name on package and feeder FT list simultaneously?

Any info is helpful and thx in advance


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I'm not 100% sure, but I didn't think there were any friend/t jobs run out of River City. I thought it was just a sorting hub and all the feeder runs were run out of the Jacksonville building.


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So I'm guessing that once there is a FT bid placed out of the JAX hub based on this info that you would be able to sign it working out of the river city sorting facility.I mean they have to offer FT positions to those people that work there somehow once they become available.
Back when I became a feeder driver in ny/nj there was an actual list. I didn't "bid" on it.I was notified via either a phone call or a letter I don't remember,but that my name had come up and that I was able to take a feeder position if I choose.Maybe my choosing to do it was my bid but it didn't or doesn't feel that way