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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Jkloc420, Dec 14, 2019.

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    Hammer pants!
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    Interesting that you call losing "winning". You're a winner, fren.
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    This country and it's citizens are absolutely winning under this administration.

    I guess since you hate America winning would be losing to you.
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    In DIDOLand, what's true is false, and what's false is true. So, more fake news Russki troll.
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    A train, whether diesel or electric, leaves a much smaller carbon footprint than a plane, bus, or automobile. If she was in Europe, the train was about 80% likely to be electric, from non-coal sourced power.

    She ate what was provided on the train. Change comes slowly.

    Van Drew is playing politics, pure and simple. Like every trash politician from EITHER party, their #1 priority is getting re-elected, NOT the business of the American people. So I take it back, he IS playing politics, and is still a traitor. He should be kicked out and a new election held so the PEOPLE can decide whether or not they want a D or an R.

    As a result of seeing this for the last 100 years or so, we get Donald J. Trump.
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    I'm sorry you hate your country.
    Maybe you could start a go fund me so you can afford to move to some socialist hell hole.
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    I'll go to Canada and lob empty Labatt's bottles over the border into your yard, eh?
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    he's one of two. remember when Pelosi , nadler and schifty said they would never pursue impeachment without bipartisan support? I guess they just make it up as they go....again
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    you havent been to europe lately have you? they couldnt feed the consumption with green and reopened many carbon producing plants.

    if you want to see carbon reduction you should probably stay here since the US leads the world in such .

    nice try at fabricating though
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    Stay at Al Gore's house!!!
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    We got Trump because the Democrats put forth a doo doo Presidential candidate. And they’re on track to do it again next year. They’d have no hope at all if Trump wasn’t a gigantic :censored2: nozzle given the current state of the economy.