Jim Nance rips into Tiger for remarks..

Discussion in 'Sports' started by ups1990, Apr 13, 2010.

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    I think Jim, is right on the money with his criticism of Tiger. It was the golfer who said that he needed to watch the foul language. On Saturday, Tiger used the Lord's name in vain, when using (JC) after hitting a bad shot. Now, many of you will say it's no big deal right? Many Christians find this term very ofensive, because Christ is the very essence of the Christian faith. Let's take Phil Mickelson. What if he would say Buddha after hitting an errant shot, would Tiger and those following this religion find it offensive? You bet they would. We can substitute any word in place of JC and be offensive. Would any one of us use our Mothers or Fathers name in vain? No. I know of one Tiger Woods, who would never use Earl's name in vain.
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    I agree with Nance......
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    The site has added more stories, so you need to scrow down further.
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    Not to defend Tiger, but to me the whole idea of "bad words" is a false concept. Swearing is just a way of verbally expressing emotion, in this case frustration. To me it means no more than that.
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    While I agree that it is not socially acceptable to use GD or JC in a fit of frustration, I do not think it is not using the Lord's name in vain. Within the context of the Old Testament, using the Lord's name in vain would be equivalent to swearing in God's name that someone did something when they did not or as elsewhere defined - bearing false witness. JMO