Jimmy Hoffa

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by beatupbrown, May 17, 2006.

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    Actually, I heard from a not so reliable source that Jimmy Hoffa just went into hiding and now after some plastic surgery, is Hoffa Jr. They are the one and the same.
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    I was hoping that instead of a body, maybe they would find a box full of missing Central States money the mob hid, then maybe we could retire......:wheelchai
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    I heard Jimmy Hoffa sr. is hanging out with Elvis in Florida living it up in a retirement community!:lol:
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    hoffa is in brazil after his plastic surgery.
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    really does not matter where he is now. He danced with the mob and eventually paid the price.
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    You are wrong!

    Jimmy Hoffa Sr. was secretly found a few years ago when they took the makeup off of Tammi Faye Baker!
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    :lol: I thought he worked at mickey ds with Elvis.
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    I'm sure my loop partner is Hoffa....