Jobs Activists target FedEx over its -3.2% tax rate

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    Unfair tax rates are the topic du jour when it comes to inequality in America and protesters in Hollywood put the issue center stage on Wednesday afternoon with a march down Hollywood's Sunset Boulevard to highlight what they called FedEx's excesssively low rate.
    Organized by Good Jobs LA, Service Employees International Union, the Teamsters and a smattering of Occupy LA members, the protestors took to the streets at noon with bullhorns, drums and provocative signs, traveling from the CNN building at Cahuenga Boulevard to a FedEx branch at Vine Street to deliver boxes of what they called "unpaid" tax bills.
    Good Jobs LA claims that FedEx received a federal tax subsidy of more than $552 million, which could have created over 1,000 jobs.

    Hollywood Activists Protest FedEx's Low Corporate Tax Rate (PHOTOS)

    Delivery For FedEx - January 25, 2012 - YouTube!
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    I love it!
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    You're just full of love lately, aren't you?
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    I'm usually ready to jump on the wagon dissing on FedEX but the claims here don't sound right and I couldn't find anything to corroborate these claims (a quick cursory search).

    I'll be ready to jump on the wagon if anyone can provide an explanation and context of the claims.

    BTW - Huffington Post is typically looney tunes so I don't accept anything from that site except for their cartoons.
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    Hi Hoaxster, there is a really cool website called Google that you can use to do online research. These are the keywords I used. Good Luck! "tax rates of large companies fedex"

    The Macomb Daily Blogs: Politically Speaking: 12 large companies pay average tax rate of less than zero

    30 Major U.S. Companies Spent More on Lobbying than Taxes - DailyFinance

    mega-corporations The Burning Platform

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    Thanks ... good reads.

    Definitely something wrong with the tax code.
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    Don't forget the unofficial tax subsidy FedEx receives from the RLA on the Express side and through the Ground scam on that side. By keeping Express non-union, FedEx keeps it's labor costs artificially low, which reduces their tax obligation. The Ground scam allows for ultra-low wages with no benefits for Ground drivers, pushing many of them over to public assistance programs that are taxpayer-funded. I have even heard of Express drivers that qualify for public assistance due to the low wages. "Non-employees" don't even count in the Ground accounting process. This also reduces the FedEx obligation to the government.

    It's ironic that our "Big Government" allows all of this to happen right under their noses. Where are the "free market" forces at play which create a fair and level playing field for competitors? They are largely eliminated, because FedEx has purchased an advantage through manipulation of our legislative system. Another example of the fallacy of the "free market" Hoaxter. The market is full of loopholes and special deals, making the notion of "corrective forces" absolutely false.
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    Yeah with all the crooked elected officials that gladly accept Fred's money, DC is nothing but a sham. We need a list published of "who's in bed with big corporations" and see to it they don't get re-elected.
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    I don't know why you point this out to me ... I understand we don't have a Free Market from a purist point of view.

    It's more of a label to differentiate from a Socialist or Fascist form of market.
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    Because Libertarianism only pencils-out when the Free Market is pure. That's an impossibility, so Libertarianism is doomed to failure.
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    OK ... I really am not interested in discussing much with you.
    About one out of a hundred posts of yours shows any intellect or any sign of thought given to what you are posting.

    Read your post and try to understand it means nothing.

    There are plenty of other one line posters on here that you can trade empty-headed barbs with ... please do so with them.

    I will continue to read your posts and when I see one that you have at least tried to form a logical argument, I will "like" it and even leave Positive Reputation like I have in the past.

    I am afraid I will not be too busy.
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    Sorry you cannot handle the argument. It's because you have no adequate answer. Libertarianism only "works" in a very narrow set of circumstances, a reality you choose to deny. So be it.

    It's an irrelevant movement with an equally irrelevant candidate.
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    Geeze Hoaxster,
    We are just a bunch of cardboard pushing monkeys, here.
    I guess you hang out, a lot, over at mensa. :we're not worthy emoticon:
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    Sorry ... I was not aware I was posting in the FedEx forum.

    Nothing to do with FedEx ... just the mindless and childish postings of MrFedEx.

    I've tried engaging him in thoughtful discussions and it seems to be completely beyond his ability to understand the concept much less to do so.
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    Just to clarify... Are you the same Hoaxster that could not find adequate proof on the internet as to how much tax FedEx pays yearly? Intellect, sign of thought, Really?
    How is that for an empty headed barb?

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    Once again, how does a political belief system which depends on a non-existent element (a truly free market)succeed? It doesn't. That seems beyond your ability to understand the concept. A Libertarian President? Never, ever. Why not put your thought and effort towards something rational and plausible?