John Stewart tells it like it is- on Class Warfare

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Sleeve_meet_Heart, Aug 21, 2011.

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    The economy works better when more people have more money in their pockets. The wage disparity between CEOs and your average working class Joe is nothing less than dispicaple. Must be nice to be able to "afford" a congressman
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    As long as you specify that the money in their pockets is earned from their job and not just handed to them by the gov't.
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    Yes, good paying jobs, like the one I have driving for UPS
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    The democrats with their unlimited public assistance will enable a poorer class to always exist.
    No need to have anyone achieve success, not when the gov't will provide all your basic needs plus more.
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    Thanks to your good paying job, many Americans can't afford to pay for shipping a package from California to Missouri.
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    I make $30 an hour living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Can you imagine how far $30 dollars an hour will get you in Missouri? Maybe the Teamsters and UPS should negotiate wages based on regions and cost of living in certain parts of the country and not pay us all the same acroos the board. They already do it for management. Think how much more profit our company can make. But then our counterparts in Missouri wouldn't be able to afford things that make our economy cycle
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    He's a news flash for ya, all regions don't make the same wages. Some locals put a little more on the hourly wage than the national contract does, same with the perks. it's called supplemental contracts.
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    So you are saying if we gave Republicans say, FOUR terms consecutive of complete control of our economy, a "poorer class" would NOT be enabled to exist due to it's regulations and policies?

    That idea is so counter-intuitive that it would take several scientists to figure out not how one came to that conclusion, but how many years of delusion it took to actually believe it.
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    Blame the wageslave making $30/hr, not the CEO with the 7 million/year raise? oookay
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    John Stewart is in favor of raising his taxes. He understands he has to contribute more because he makes more than the average person. Rush Limbaugh has earned 2 billion dollars since 2000 and he is crying about taxes.

    He acts as if he is a regular working man, paying his taxes and bringing a brown paper bag lunch to work.

    Give us a break with the elitest thing already.

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    "we the Republicans want to see everyone succeed. why is it people think Republicans want people to fail" What a sad delusion, I honestly think he believes it when he says it...which is scary.

    I think what he meant was "Republicans want to see everyone succeed, but those that can't, will be priced out of the U.S. and have to move abroad, while remaining are only the enormous elite."
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    Careful, he will move his money and his show overseas if his money including investments are taxed as high as a 30k/year wage earner.
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    First of all, I wouldn't use a scientist or a farmer to figure that out but I might talk to an economist and maybe even a few physiologists. What he was saying is the more freebies you give out the more you will have to give out until you have nothing else to give.

    One ceo @7mill + 100k driver @ 75k= the ever increasing cost of shipping a package. If every working person in the US made what a UPS driver makes a loaf of bread would cost $ 56.37.
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    Is that a quote from Limbaugh? I'm not all that familiar with what he says about anything, I take him about as serious as Jon Stewart.
    I want to see everyone that tries to succeed, don't you? What I do not want is to see masses of able bodied people the sit around on the backsides waiting on their government check. I do not call that succeeding.
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    Tex is right--we are expensive. Why do you think SurePost and SmartPost are growing exponentially?
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    All surepost and smartpost are , to UPS, are ways for UPS to continue to put it's name out there without actually incurring the costs (or shall we say entire costs) of the packages. Cheap advertising, less cost per pkg, and a way for UPS to convey to the public "cheap pricing", so when it comes time to spend the money on other services, they will fall in line.

    Also the shippers involved are probably getting savvy bulk deals (online, catalog etc), which they can then pass some of that onto the buyer as added incentive to shop through them.

    That is economic reality - people want to spend less.

    UPS is making billions every quarter in profit, to sit here and blame a driver for the high cost of a package is not an accurate measure.

    The fact is that as long as FedEx continues to raise its rates, so will UPS. The prices will race to the bottom only when economic conditions promote.
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    Are you saying that our labor costs are not part of the equation?
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    Everything is part of everything...

    My point is that the company could pass savings down to the customer in other ways besides stagnating or reducing hourly workers wages, benefits, etc. However, for ex, when company chief is recieving 30% annual salary increases while the hourly recieves 2.5%, it questions where those cost savings to customers are really missing from. That is not to be viewed on the microscale, I am speaking larger picture for all of true upper- management salaries.