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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by SLW, Sep 20, 2019.

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    I was hired as a RegTemp driver and told I had the option of joining the union after 30 days (I'm in a "right-to-work" state). Is that 30 working days, to coincide with my qualification period? Or is that just when I have to decide by? If I had my choice, I'd join right away, but I don't know how it works. I do intend to stay on after peak or if I screw up during qualification if they offer me a warehouse or any other position.

    Feel free to offer any related Teamster insight for a new guy. Thanks!
  2. I'm not in a RTW state, so I'm not familiar with those laws or language but 30 days usually means 30 working days.

    I am curious though, was there a union rep or steward in exercising their contractual right to attend that orientation meeting to encourage you to join the union?

    Lastly, just want to say glad to see you want to join and not be a freeloader. Hopefully your local reps treat you guys right because RTW is a corporate plague designed to wipe us out. I imagine there is nothing worse than a lazy rep in a RTW state.
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  3. SLW

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    There was no union rep in the orientation meeting. My state is one of the worst in the country for workers and I want to be as active in the union as I can. Hope I make it past those first 30 days!
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    @SLW: I'm not versed on the details/specifics of a 'Reg Temp' driver, but if it's a position where you can 'attain seniority' (after a qualification period), then you can join the Union (you'll start paying monthly dues-typically by an automatic deduction from your paycheck, and probably an initiation fee). You could sign up/start paying now, but I'm 99% sure you can't be a full fledged member until you have 'attained seniority', so you may as well wait until then.

    In the meantime check out this link for the union contract: There is a National Master Agreement, and more specific info for you would be in a Regional Supplement and/or a Local Rider. I recommend you figure out which Supplement/Rider applies to you, and read up on the contract language about Reg Temp Driver
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    RTW would be a godsend for the average worker
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  6. Yeah, my guess is most don't utilize it. Just noticed that language myself and wondered if that was a common practice.
    Might also wanna lay low on the union pride until you're fully in. Don't want to give management a reason to find a reason, know what I'm saying?
    Good luck and look forward to your update on making it.
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    Godsend to the average management worker. For the rest of us we would then be at the mercy of the most unmercifull managers imaginable.

    Anyone who works here 30 years has had power hungry backstabbing bosses who would fire you out of greed or resentment.

    The union isn't perfect by any means but union employees make it to retirement at 10 times the rate of management at UPS. It is because they are protected by the contract.
  8. UnconTROLLed

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    this makes zero sense, unless you only worked at UPS your working life. Then, you get a naivety pass.;/