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    AS we like to say you can't spell StUPid without UPS.
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    I've bought a lot of :censored2: with the money I've made working at ups. My benifits cost about 500bucks a week. These mo fo's sure want a lot for their money. They've made it very hard on me at times. Then again I've made it real hard in them at times too. I keep coming back everyday (I never call off) with a smile on my face. Sometimes it's a grit your teeth smile and sometimes it's a regular smile but I'm never going to let this place get me down. I'm not falling into that trap of misery loves company. If you don't like how you are treated man up and let them know you aren't going to take it. Play the game and be good a it learn patience. If you were ever poor in life childhood or whatever you will value what you have here and always make the best of Y O U R situation.
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    U Piecea Sheit!
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    The only joke I see is a disgruntled former employee who is unable to move on.
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    Sometimes the disgruntled former employee comes back and shoots people. Sometimes the worst person to fight is the person that has nothing to loose.
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    Fixed it for ya !