[email protected]: Spreading joy with Laura Lane, UPS


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[email protected]: Spreading joy with Laura Lane, UPS - Kearney

The simple act of spreading joy can transform our lives, our workplaces, and our world. In this episode of [email protected], Laura Lane, chief corporate affairs, communications, and sustainability officer for UPS, discusses her leadership philosophy that uses joy to create meaningful and lasting change.

Being an agent for change

Early in her career, Laura devoted her time and effort to the US Foreign Service. Her diplomatic journey began in Bogotá during the height of Colombia’s drug violence before taking her to Rwanda, where she led the evacuation of innocent civilians facing genocide. Those experiences transformed her view of the world. “I learned that what matters in life isn’t all the trappings of success, but the people,” Laura says. “The people that you surround yourself with—the people that you lift up.”

Empowered by that sense of purpose, Laura decided she could make the most meaningful impact in the business sector, which can be a powerful agent for change. At UPS, she is getting the opportunity to fulfill that mission. “We are enabling people to empower themselves and invest back into their families and their communities,” she says. Working at UPS even brought her full circle to Rwanda when she returned to the country to help launch an innovative new service providing healthcare supplies to remote locations across the country.