Just became part-time supervisor. Have some questions.

Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by craftspace234, Jun 21, 2014.

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    Hello I just got promoted to part time supervisor. I am in college so I do not intend on staying at UPS forever. I officially start on Monday. I just have some questions.

    Before I ask them, please leave any negativity about supervisors out of here. I already became one. So if you aren't going answer my questions seriously or have any childish comments, please leave.

    Anyways here it is:

    1.) I am totally confused about how the benefits work and 401k. It asked me to sign up for Smart Start automatic enrollment. Does anyone know a lot about it on here? If not, where can I learn more about it? Like a phone # or something

    2.) About how much money is taken out of your paycheck for benefits per week?

    3.) Is there any way I can become a feeder driver or delivery driver even though I became management? If so, how long could it take? I spoke to a feeder who said he became a driver after 4 years of being a part time sup. So it sound possible to me.

    4.) I know raises are based on performance, but how much is it typically per year?

    Thank you for anyone that takes the time to read and answer any of my questions.
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    Best post for the month of June!
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    Why can't anyone here be mature and actually answer questions....
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    You can be lazy. If you're a lazy sup you won't ever get promoted to driver. Usually the sups I know that have been promoted to driver usually go above and. Beyond and have a good relationship with their work groups/workers.

    I've seen 6 part time sups promoted to driver and they usually been with the company for 7 or 8 years. A few years less than the union workers who were promoted in the same time frame. Only one didn't make it as they were less "hands onish" A few others sups I were friendly with stated they were interested in being a driver and sent in their letters of intent but were passed up for what I believe was their lack of being hands on and physical with the cardboard.
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    I'm sorry....in the real world, when people accept jobs or promotions...they tend to ask their prospective or current employer about salary, raises and benefits. Not cluelessly accept the position, and then go on the internet and demand answers and information from total strangers! Whining already? Sounds like sup material to me.
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  6. craftspace234

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    Haha right...I'm the one that's whining right....

    "O don't be a sup! It's evil!"
    "You'll die as a sup!"
    "Stay as a loader for the rest of your life its better! Trust me! I have a cartoon animal as my avi!

    Lol don't bother posting anymore. I'm not gonna read yours anymore. Go cry to your mom rookie
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    You won't make it as a driver being all butt hurt
  8. bleedinbrown58

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    Yes...I'm new to ups...no clue what i'm talking about....lmao
  9. craftspace234

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    I don't plan on being a driver but just in case it could take me several years to find a career after college and I wouldn't mind driving.
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    You will have to forgive Photog----he still finds it funny to spin around in his chair at work.
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    If you don't plan on staying then definitely go in to PT supervision. It will give you invaluable experience and will look really good on your resume.
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    You find picking through peoples' trash looking for bottles and cans to be an enjoyable Saturday night....hmmmm
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    How about picking up urine bottles to recycle?
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    This is what I was thinking. Thanks
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    1) wont take long just be SURE to check non smoker or your cost for health will be rediculous, the default IS smoker btw

    2) bout $30 give or take, but that all depends mainly on single vs family health and the side perks you chose

    3) depends how much your manager like you and how much turnover your location has to open that outside hire slot, otherwise once management ALWAYS management.

    4) Raises are based on how much the Division Manager tells the Center Manager he has to spend, the center manager takes his cut then passes the rest of it around as he wants. QPR's are like beauty contests, I got the same 2% raise rated 1.3 and rated .9. Unless your the exception or my center is that horrid expect 2-2.5% per year raise.
  19. beentheredonethat

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    1. HR is always a good place to go to. On Upsers.com, there are sections for benefits. I am unsure offhand how long it takes (if any) for benefit coverage to start. Also, you can ask your FT supv or sort manager this question.
    2. Cost of benefits. That all depends on what option you select and if it's just for yourself, or if you are covering anyone else (spouse, kids, Spouse + kids). Also it depends on what benefit level you choose. There are two options, one is a low cost option that basically is a high deductible plan, but it does give you an annual physical included). This is a good option if you are healthy and don't have any ongoing health issues. There is another plan that costs more per month but the deductible and out of pocket max is much lower. I suggest asking a fellow PT supv that is in same situation (ie kids\no kids etc and what they pay per month). Note: with the high deductible plan, you can select to have money go into a HSA, which allows you to put before tax dollars in to pay for various medical bills. THat money stays with you even if you later leave UPS.

    3. I'll never say never, but going straight to feeders is as close as you get to never. Going to pkg car driver can be done. However, with the union contract there is a rule of a ratio of inside to outside hires. I don't know what it is offhand (5-1 or 6-1) but you as mgmt is considered an outside hire. Usually they only do that if they want to promote you to a FT supv and have you go out and be a driver for a while to learn the ropes. However, once you go driver (even with intention of going to FT supv) you can always change your mind and stay a driver.

    4. Unsure offhand for a new supv. There are various components, how much you currently make, what the mid point is for your job. (ie are you below or above the midpoint). Also your performance factors in. Usually you can plan 2-3% for a normal raise. However being new, you may get higher raises to bring you closer to mid point earlier.
  20. beentheredonethat

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    One last point. UPS is what you make of it. Make sure no matter what you take care of yourself and your grades. It gets difficult at Christmas time when you are working a lot of hours and you have exams to take. As far as not staying with UPS long. To me, that's a bad viewpoint. Stay at the job, until there is a better opportunity. Maybe that opportunity remains at UPS doing the job you are doing. Maybe it's a job at UPS in another department. Maybe it's a job at another company. I thought I was going to work at UPS while in college and put a good job on my resume. That was over 25 years ago.